Wet weather increases risk of North Carolina car accidents

With all of the rainy weather, and the remnants of the season’s 16th Tropical Depression slated to hit the coast late this week and into the weekend, it’s a good time to review safety tips for driving in wet weather.

CBS 9 recently made this video report. The truth of the matter is that avoiding a North Carolina car accident is often about defensive driving, and that is particularly true in inclement weather.

The following tips are adapted from Edmunds:

Allow more travel time: Wet roads require a slower pace and make hurrying particularly dangerous. Flooded roads could also delay your arrival.

Be extra cautious after a dry spell: Engine oil and grease build up on the road during dry weather and can be an added danger when water is added to the mix.

Brake early and often (and with less force): Brakes react differently in wet weather. They may also grab with force. Applying brakes gently and early will not only give you more time to stop, it will allow more time to gauge how your vehicle reacts and to react accordingly.

Stay toward the middle of the road:
This will often allow you to avoid the deepest water at the side of the road and to avoid washed out road edges. Be careful of oncoming traffic, however.

Avoid cruise control:
The effect of wet roads could make your vehicle accelerate unexpectedly. It also makes a driver less vigilant and often requires extra time to return your foot to the pedals.

Avoid standing or running water in the road: Do not attempt to drive through water across the road. Electrical systems can be damaged and potholes and other road hazards can be hidden by the water.

Use your headlights: They allow you to see more and for other motorists to see you.

Watch for pedestrians:
They can be hard to see and are likely hurrying to get in out of the rain.

Pull over and wait: If the storm becomes too heavy.

Defog your windows: Keep as clear a view as possible of the road ahead.

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