1 in 6 patients injured by hospital error in North Carolina

The New York Times is reporting that a study of hospital errors in North Carolina found that 1 in 6 patients are harmed by the medical staff charged with their care.

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The study, conducted at 10 hospitals in North Carolina, found that injuries did not decrease over time, despite safety programs put in place after a landmark study in 1999 found that medical error caused an estimated 98,000 deaths and more than 1 million injuries each year in the United States. Ironically, North Carolina was chosen because the state has done a better job than most of incorporating such safety training.

The most common North Carolina hospital injuries included:

-Complications of prescribed medication or drug therapy.

-Hospital-acquired infections.

-Severe bleeding during operations.

-Breathing problems due to procedural error.


-Vaginal cuts during child birth.

In 63.1 percent of the cases, the accidents were judged to be preventable. A report issued by the government in 2008 came to a similar conclusion: 15,000 Medicaid patients died in one month due to preventable medical error. In all, 13.5 percent of patients were harmed.

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