Carolina fair accident injures two girls struck by flying object

A Carolina fair accident injured two girls at the Coastal Carolina Fair, NBC2 reported.

Recently, our North Carolina wrongful death lawyers reported that a ride maintenance technician was killed at the state fair. Traveling fairs are notorious for poor safety records and equipment maintenance. It’s important for anyone hurt in a fair accident to make a police report and to consult an injury attorney right away. Documenting the accident and who was involved is an important step toward protecting your rights. These operations move, and ride and game operators join and leave the traveling show frequently.

In this case, two girls were injured shortly before midnight Monday when they were hit by debris while standing in line on the Midway. The accident happened at the Scooter ride when a trolley wheel from the nearby Zipper ride flew off and hit them. The wheel hit one girl in the shoulder, before glancing off and striking a 16-year-old girl in the head. That victim was admitted to Trident Medical Center.

The ride was shut down and inspected before reopening Tuesday afternoon. A fair spokesman characterized in as an isolated incident. The South Carolina Department of Labor was notified. The ride was reportedly inspected by both inspectors from the company operating the rides and by Coastal Carolina Fair inspectors.

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