Be alert to North Carolina nursing home conditions during holiday visits

Many of us will visit nursing homes in North and South Carolina this holiday season. For others, visiting an elderly loved one at a holiday gathering will make it apparent that an assisting living facility or nursing home will soon be necessary.

Our North Carolina nursing home neglect attorneys urge you to remain vigilant when visiting nursing facilities through the holidays. It is up to each one of us to police a system dominated by for-profit homes and large chain corporations. Most facilities receive more visits at Christmas than at any other time of year. If you have concerns, we encourage you to speak to an elder abuse advocate, a law enforcement official or a nursing home abuse attorney.
The North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services reports there are over 300 nursing homes in North Carolina. The average cost of nursing home care is $41,000 a year, just below the national average of $43,000. Unfortunately, patients cannot always count on quality care. And, tragically, older adults are sometimes unwilling or unable to take the steps necessary to correct a neglectful or abusive situation.

In fact, earlier this year the state acknowledged it was not doing enough to combat nursing home neglect and abuse and it adopted tough new standards, making it harder for a nursing home to earn a Four-Star rating through the state, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Here is a list of North Carolina nursing homes.

Here is the North Carolina nursing home patients’ bill of rights.

Signs of nursing home neglect or abuse in North Carolina:

-Unsanitary conditions
-Unexplained bruising, broken bones or health complications
-Bed sores, infections or sepsis
-High staff turnover
-Reluctance to leave patients along for visits
-Delays in being permitted to see patients
-Patients in overmedicated states
-Unexplained changes in behavior
-Unexplained financial transactions

If you are concerned about the conditions of a nursing home in North or South Carolina, contact the Carolina injury lawyers at Lee & Smith today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 800-887-1965.

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