Fewer car accidents in Charlotte like a gift at Christmas

Our Charlotte injury attorneys wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The 2009 census confirmed that Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina which would lead you to believe it’s probably the most dangerous in terms of traffic fatalities and automobile crashes. On the contrary, Charlotte car accident attorneys are cautiously optimistic that the number of traffic accidents is in decline and that trend will continue.
According to the Charlotte Department of Transportation 2009 Traffic Safety Report fewer car crashes are occuring. Automobile crashes in Charlotte have decreased by 4,000 since 2007, which is good news.

It appears that the goal of Charlotte’s DOT is to find and fix crash areas is working. Solutions can be as simple as changing the timing on a traffic light or adding an extra lane to the road way. The report showed that even though there were over 17,000 crashes in 2009, 65% were property damage only; 40 resulted in a fatality.

The 2009 report pointed out some interesting facts and demographics with regard to traffic accidents in Charlotte:

-March & October were the two worst crash months.

-Thursday & Friday were the two worst days of the week for crashes.

-5 p.m. is the worst crash time and 1 a.m. is the worst time for fatal crashes.

-Roads are dry 75% of the time but 70% of the crashes are during the day.

-Running off the road was the number one reason for fatal crashes (40%).

-Over half of the crashes were caused by either driver’s inattention, failure to slow down or not giving the right of way.

Much of the work that Charlotte DOT does is to evaluate intersection safety. Through a complex High Accident Location (HAL) formula it identifies dangerous intersections. The worst intersection was found at East Martin Luther King Boulevard and South Davidson Street. This intersection has had 46 crashes in the last three years, even though there isn’t much traffic when compared to other highly populated areas.

One concern is this intersection is very close to a school and can add to the dangers of children being dropped off or picked up during the week. Forewarning someone you know that may be affiliated with this school or drive in this area regularly just may prevent the next accident from happening.

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