Safe driving series aims to help motorists avoid car accidents in North and South Carolina

January is a time for making resolutions for the New Year. As an introduction to a series about defensive driving, our North Carolina accident attorneys want to urge Carolina drivers to get serious about safe driving in 2011.

Make a resolution to become a better driver — and work to inspire driver safety in your family and friends.
There are courses you can take in defensive driving but if that isn’t an option then use the “70 Rules of Defensive Driving” presented by Robert Schaller in Road Trip America.

All 70 rules, have to do with driver awareness, do’s and don’ts, as well as preventative safety measures. The final Rule #70: Use Uncle Bob’s Defensive Driving System, wraps up the 5 most important rules in a nut shell.

First, pay attention. Almost every collision involves inattention or distraction.

Second, don’t speed. Going faster than road conditions permit is a recipe for disaster.

Third, use the two-second rule. Approximately 40% of collisions are when a driver rear ends the car in front of them, rather than following a safe 2 second distance behind them.

Fourth, don’t drive impaired. Studies have shown that driving impaired can be as low as half (.03 or .04) the legal limit so don’t take the chance because fatality in crashes involving alcohol is more likely.

Last, buy and use safety equipment. Seat belts, air bags, and ABS brakes are put in vehicles for a reason so make sure your automobile comes adequately equipped with safety features.

Resolving to be better motorists in 2011 means improving your driving attitudes, habits, and skills in the following areas: speeding, distracted driving, red light running, inclement weather, aggressive driving, drowsy driving, and drunk driving.

-Speeding: maintain the speed limit at all times, especially under adverse driving conditions or roadways.

-Distracted driving: things like the radio, GPS unit, or cell phones constantly lure us into getting distracted so refrain from operating these things while you are driving.

-Running red lights: proceeding through an intersection once a light turns red is a sure fire way to increase the risk of causing an accident.

-Inclement weather: poor driving conditions like heavy rain, snow, winter mix, or gusty winds only make driving more difficult. So avoid such conditions whenever possible and use extra caution when you must be on the road in bad weather.

-Aggressive driving: speeding, following too close, reactionary behavior are examples of undesirable driving behaviors that can increase the risk of an accident.

-Drowsy driving: reaction time diminishes when drivers are tired and can’t focus on the task at hand.

-Drunk driving: every state has laws regarding driving under the influence and consequences that follow for drivers who choose to drive irresponsibly.

Putting forth an effort to become better drivers in 2011 will make the roadways safer. Do your part to minimize the chances of a Carolina accident by making the commitment.

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