Enforcement efforts reduce risk of North Carolina car accidents caused by speed, drunk driving

North Carolina traffic safety campaigns resulted in the issuing of 622,413 criminal and traffic citations in 2010, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Our personal injury lawyers in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas frequently report on the risks associated with serious or fatal North Carolina car accidents during periods of peak holiday travel. The enforcement campaigns aimed to increase enforcement during such periods, and thereby reduce the risk to motorists.
“These lifesaving campaigns educate our citizens on several key highway safety issues and prove effective in enforcing our traffic laws,” said State Transportation Secretary Gene Conti. “I appreciate the time and dedication law enforcement agencies put forth during the campaigns and for making our roads a safer place to travel.”

The annual total included 16,096 arrests for drunk driving and 51,754 citations for safety-belt and child passenger safety violations. Police also issued 175,250 citations for speeding and made 6,485 fugitive arrests.

Arrests/citations per enforcement period:

St. Patrick’s Day: 38,303
Spring Speed: 61,766
Drive Smart/Work Zone: 22,764
Seat Belt: 88,839
Fourth of July: 49,235
Labor Day: 111,668
Child Passenger Safety: 11,460
Halloween: 19,319
Fall Speed: 78,229
Holiday Drunk Driving: 140,830

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