Carolina trucking accidents frequently caused by drowsy driving

We frequently post on our North Carolina Personal Injury Blog about distracted and drowsy driving.

Last week an early evening head on crash into a tractor trailer killed a 43 year old man. WISTV-10 reported the victim apparently drove into the lane of a tractor trailer and was killed instantly. The scene of the accident was at the intersection of Garners Ferry and McCords Ferry Roads at approximately 7 p.m.
The incident has our car accident attorneys in Anderson and Lancaster wondering if it was caused by distracted driving or a case of a fatigued driver. Either scenario has proven dangerous when it comes to causing Carolina car accidents and accidents elsewhere in the country.

In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported
5,474 people were killed and another 448,000 were injured in motor vehicle accidents involving distracted driving. Fatigue was a factor in 730 fatal crashes nationwide killing 1,875 people.

A focal point of many news sources recently is distracted driving laws in South Carolina, or the lack thereof. South Carolina is currently one of a few states that does not ban texting while driving. Last month, SC Now reported that lawmakers are hoping to send texters a message with a recent bill proposal. Once passed, the bill prohibits drivers to text and could lead to a $20 traffic fine, $25 surcharge for the state trauma care fund and 1 point added to your driver’s license record. In total, violations could cost motorists hundreds of dollars each year as their insurance rates would likely increase with the added point to their driving record.

As for drowsy driving, there is no law, nor even a test for law enforcement to give if violators are pulled over. Yet, most drivers are guilty of driving drowsy at some point. Most of us can determine when we are tired, but similar to knowing when we have had too much to drink, we think we can drive no matter what. Don’t let your next car crash be a case of “snooze you lose”, if you are tired don’t get behind the wheel.

Do your part to avoid a Carolina car accident by not getting distracted or driving drowsy.

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