Lawmakers haggle over rules to reduce risk of Carolina ATV accidents

Leave it to lawmakers: Having spent 8 years trying to pass a law that would reduce the risk of Carolina ATV accidents, lawmakers are now holding up the law over debates about whether or not it is strong enough, the State reported.

Our Anderson personal injury lawyers understand the high risks riders face in ATV accidents — particularly young children. The South Carolina legislature had drafted a law that would require youth training and would limit ATV use by children. However the agriculture committee in the House gutted the measure, permitting children as young as 6 years old to rider four-wheelers, while making exemptions for hunting.
Various versions have been passed around by lawmakers since the death of a teen at a 2003 birthday party. South Carolina is one of only six states that currently does not regulate ATV use by children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates 450 kids a year are hurt in ATV accidents in South Carolina.

The new measure would:

-Bar unlicensed youths from carrying passengers on ATVs.

-Require training for those under 16.

-Require helmets and protective gear for those under 16.

-Require those under 16 be accompanied by an adult.

North Carolina ATV accidents have killed 64 riders in the past three years, according to the government’s ATV Safety website. State law prohibits riders under the age of 8 and limits the size of the machines for older riders. Underage riders must also have an ATV safety certificate.

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