Speeding, defective roads, a common cause of North Carolina car accidents

You may have noticed the consequences of a long winter with lots of snow and ice is that roads have become more dangerous with pot holes and large cracks or build-up from plow trucks and salt. Some highways and interstates in North Carolina are dangerous all the time and are considered prime locations for car accidents in Hickory, Statesville and elsewhere in the state.

Our North Carolina injury lawyers want to remind drivers to use caution by not speeding or driving distracted because these kinds of behaviors often lead to serious injuries when coupled with roads that are already deemed dangerous.
WXII 12 reports two teens were killed recently in a fatal crash that took place on Highway 18 at the curve near Falls Road outside of Wilkesboro. Several crashes have occurred at this same location but none had been fatal, until now. Two teens were reportedly coming home from a soccer game where they had been working at a concession stand for their band fundraiser. The teen driver was reportedly speeding and lost control of the vehicle on the two-lane highway, before running off the right side of the road.

The inexperience of young drivers is a common topic on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog. Teens often become distracted or speed, which can lead to serious injury, or in this case fatality, in motor vehicle crashes. Teens are reminded of the following safety tips to avoid serious accidents on dangerous roadways:

-When driving in an unfamiliar location, slow down to slightly below the speed limit to allow yourself plenty of time to react to road conditions.

-Never drive over the speed limit because trying to dodge pot holes or debris in the road can lead to serious injury. Rollover accidents often occur from speed-related accidents on dangerous roadways.

-Concentrate on the road by not changing the radio station, answering a call, or talking to other passengers in the car.

-Always wear a seat belt, even if you are only driving 50 yards down the road.

-If certain roads are known to be more dangerous in your area, plan an alternate route that can get you to the same destination with less risk involved.

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