ATV riding can lead to serious injuries in North Carolina accidents

WRAL recently reported on the death of a young ATV rider.

Our Greensboro accident attorneys understand the risks of riding ATVs. We know that 64 people were killed between 2007 through 2009 while riding these recreational vehicles.
While riding an ATV, a young woman ran into a cable that hung across a road and knocked her off the vehicle. She had been part of a group riding on Sims Bridge Road. She was rushed to Franklin Regional Medical Center for treatment of her neck and head injuries. She was transferred later to Duke University Hospital, where she died.

According to ATV Safety the following laws are true for North Carolina:

-You must be 8 years old or over to operate an ATV.

-Children under age 12 are limited to operating an ATV under 70cc and children under age 16 are limited to operating an ATV 90cc or less.

-Anyone 16 or under must be watched by an adult.

-Passengers can only ride on ATVs that are designed to do so.

-Helmet and eye protection must be worn at all times.

-ATVs are not allowed on public streets, except to cross.

-ATVs shall operate with lighted head and tail lights from ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise.

-Any ATV operator born on or after January 1, 1990, must take an ATV safety course and get a certificate.

-ATVs used for farming, hunting or trapping are exempt from the law’s provisions.

Inspecting your ATV prior to use is essential to ensure a safe riding experience. A 5 to 10 minute inspection is all it takes to minimize the chances of being injured or stranded.
The ATV Safety Institute recommends the T-CLOC pre-ride checklist:

-Tires and Wheels – check air pressure, condition and check axle nuts and cotter pins.

-Controls and Cables – ensure smooth function of all cables and make sure foot shifter is firmly attached.

-Lights and Electrics – check that all switches are working and check head and tail light bulbs.

-Oil and Fuel – fill your tank, check the oil and clean the air filter.

-Chain/Driveshaft and Chassis – inspect the chain or drive shaft; make sure all nuts and bolts are tight.

When you ride:

-Always wear a helmet & goggles; also wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

-Paved roads are not for ATVs; they should only be crossed over, never ridden on.

-Drugs and alcohol should never be used if you are going to ride an ATV.

-No passengers are allowed on a single-rider ATV.

-Don’t speed and ride only on designated trails.

-Supervise young riders and ride an ATV that is right for your age.

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