Drivers Urged to Exercise Caution to Decrease Risks of Carolina Pedestrian Accidents

The The Daily Reporter reports there have been a total of 9 pedestrians who have been killed during the first quarter of 2011 in Richland and Lexington counties. These two counties alone account for a third of all pedestrian accidents in South Carolina for the entire year.
Our personal injury attorneys in Anderson, Spartanburg, and Greenville continually report about the dangers pedestrians can face if they or the driver become distracted when using the same busy streets and roadways. Spring is here so motorists can almost guarantee to start seeing more kids walking to school or joggers hitting the streets to lose the ‘winter 10’ they may have gained over the colder weather months.

The Herald Online suggests that one reason for the dramatic increase in pedestrian fatalities is the grueling economy. Law enforcement and safety officials are concerned due to the fact that South Carolina was one of a few states that reported fewer pedestrian-related accidents and deaths last year according to the South Carolina Traffic Fatality Report for 2010 provided by the Department of Transportation.

From 2007 to 2009, South Carolina’s major hospitals reported $65.6 million in medical bills related to injuries in pedestrian accidents. Over the course of three years, this averaged out to almost $16,000 per pedestrian.

There really is no demographic for what type of pedestrian is most likely to be involved in a serious or fatal accident. The deaths this year ranged from a young woman to an 87 year-old male. Jaywalking, careless behavior, drugs and alcohol have been known factors related to the death of 9 of the 25 pedestrians killed in South Carolina for 2011.

As pedestrians head out this spring to take advantage of the warmer weather, the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina offers the following safety tips to joggers and young children:

-Make yourself visible by wearing bright clothes or pedestrian safety vests that light up in the dark. When possible, refrain from walking or jogging during poorly lit conditions or inclement weather when it is hard to be seen.

-Only cross or enter a street where it is legal, these areas are often marked by signs or street markings on the pavement.

-Always face road traffic, especially when there are no sidewalks. When possible, only select a route with sidewalks or designated walk areas.

-Don’t become too trusting of drivers. Make sure you make eye contact or a body gesture before entering into a street.

-Refrain from crossing on multiple lane roadways or streets with congested high-paced traffic.

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