Residents Participate in Spring Ride to Raise Awareness of North Carolina Bicycling Accidents

WCTI 12 reported on the 2011 Cycle North Carolina Spring Ride that took place last weekend. Cyclists packed the streets in Oriental for the three day event.

Our personal injury lawyers in Asheville, Charlotte and elsewhere in the state know how much cyclists love the great outdoors on weekends. Motorists aren’t use to seeing cyclists after the long winter, so use extra caution now that the nice weather has arrived. Avoiding a North Carolina bicycle accident plays an equal part of responsibility between driver and cyclist.
In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 16 cyclists died in North Carolina bicycle crashes; in South Carolina 11 riders were killed. Since 2000 the number of fatal bicycle crashes has declined from 693 to 630 in 2009. Traffic crashes also caused over 50,000 injuries to cyclist, though that number is probably much higher due to lack of reporting. Two percent of all traffic deaths are reported to involve a cyclist.

Additional 2009 statistics for fatal bicycle crashes include:

-70% occur in urban areas.

-72% occur during the day.

-87% of those killed are male.

-41 was the average age of those killed.

-33% occur at intersections.

-28% involved alcohol detected in the cyclist.

The Carolinas had a total of 27 cyclists killed in 2009; only 4 other states had more fatal bicycle crashes.

Common safety tips include: always wear a helmet, ride in the same direction as traffic flow, wear bright colored clothing and your bicycle should have a front and rear light, reflective tape and reflectors.

Here are some more general safety tips from Bicycle Safe:

-Travel on less busy streets; try not to use the one’s you use while driving.

-Always signal when turning, (don’t use the hand signals you might have learned years ago when you only signaled with your left arm) by pointing in the direction of your turn.

-Don’t listen to music or talk on the phone, hearing what is around you is important.

-Never ride on sidewalks or against the flow of traffic.

-Never pass vehicles on the right or stop in a vehicles blind spot.

-Always look behind you before moving to the left.

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