Holiday weekends a dangerous time for car accidents in Greenville, Anderson

Four fatal accidents in Horry County over Easter weekend leave us warning motorists to be safe out there, especially on holiday weekends when traffic is heavy. Losing a loved one during a holiday is among the most difficult tragedies a family can endure; ourGreenville car accident attorneys want to urge drivers to travel with care as we roll into May and approach Memorial Day weekend.

The Sun News reports about all four crashes involving two motorcyclists, a pedestrian and a two-vehicle accident with a minivan and pickup truck. Our recent three-part series about safe spring driving urged motorists to be extra alert for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycles this time of year in order to avoid a car accident in South Carolina.

The pedestrian, who was wearing dark clothing, was struck and killed by a pickup in Little River while walking in the middle of the street near an intersection in the wee hours of the morning. The driver was not injured or charged in connection with the accident.
Later that morning in the same Myrtle Beach area, a Chevrolet pickup truck reportedly crossed the center line and hit a minivan head-on. The driver blamed for the accident was killed instantly. The driver of the minivan was taken to the local hospital for treatment.

That afternoon, a motorcyclist wearing a helmet was riding with other family members when he reportedly lost control of his bike, hit the center median. He died from chest trauma shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The other motorcyclist who was killed is accused of engaging in a chase with police. WMBF reports the police launched an investigation following the incident with the motorcyclist. Horry County Police attempted to stop a suspicious driver near Highway 501. The motorcycle stopped for a moment and then took off at an estimated speed of 100 mph, before losing control on a curve in the roadway. Following the crash, the motorcyclist was found bleeding and unresponsive in a fetal position, while parts of the motorcycle were scattered across the cement.

We recently posted on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog that car accidents involving an emergency vehicle is a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In 2009, there were a total of 90 fatalities from crashes involving police vehicles.

The high speed chase in this situation involving the motorcyclist and the Horry County Police could have been potentially dangerous for other cars on the roadway at that time. If you see flashing lights, always pull over and remain parked until the emergency vehicle passes.

Very soon school will let out and summer travel season will be upon us. As traffic becomes more congested with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians hitting the streets to take part in summer activities, use extra caution while practicing safe driving behaviors.

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