More Than 60 Tornadoes Hit the Area Causing Devastating Damage for North Carolina Residents

Areas of North Carolina are left in shambles after multiple tornadoes tore through the state. Residents reported more than 60 tornadoes in North Carolina, leaving more than 100 homes completely destroyed. More than 20 deaths have been confirmed and that number is expected to rise as rescue efforts continue, according to NBC 3.

Emergency response workers from Henderson County have reached the scenes where the storms hit and are offering their help to those victimized. A Red Cross team brought along food, water and emergency supplies for those affected by the storms, Fox 8 reports. The Red Cross has provided shelter for more than 500 people as the cleanup gets underway.
Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers understand that a tornado, or any natural disaster for that matter, can leave a family feeling disheveled and lost. In the aftermath of a storm, there can be preventable injury situations of which you should be aware. Power companies have an obligation to make timely repairs to power lines, as do other utility companies. And unsafe conditions on business or neighboring property can result in preventable injury.

As emergency responders are working around-the-clock in hit areas to help those who have suffered damages and injuries from the storm, the Red Cross is calling in an extra 30 personnel regionally to help with the disaster relief. The Red Cross recovery team is expected to be in the area for at least 2 weeks.

“We have an amazing volunteer pool. The disaster volunteers go through a specialized training, so they’re highly qualified and when we have disasters, they’re sought after. So that’s why we deploy the surrounding area,” said Red Cross Marketing Manager Darcy Welch.

The Red Cross offers you tornado tips on what to do to quickly resume your life after these dangerous storms:

-Stay informed about the storm, damage and dangerous areas by listening to your local news. Keep updated for new information and safety instructions.

-If you’ve evacuated the area, be sure to return only when authorities allow.

-Be on the lookout for broken gas lines or fallen power lines. If you located any damaged or dangerous areas, report them to the utility company immediately.

-Keep out of damaged buildings and areas with debris.

-Use battery-powered flashlights when checking out your damages — do not use a candle as a light source.

-Take pictures of your house and the content for insurance purposes.

It is not uncommon for your insurance to downplay the damages to your property in the attempt of making a low-ball offer for your compensation — or denying your claim entirely. Don’t let these companies push you around.

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