Neglect and abuse common causes for child injuries at North Carolina daycare centers

Dropping an infant or toddler off at daycare can be as unsettling for the parent as it is for the child. Our personal injury lawyers in Asheville, Statesville, and Charlotte know the stress a parent goes through in choosing a safe and trustworthy daycare facility for their child to stay at during work hours because not everyone has the luxury of being a stay-at-home parent. Parents have a right to feel their child is in a safe environment when placing them at a daycare center. Parents who suspect foul play or neglect should contact an experienced child injury lawyer in North Carolina or South Carolina to plan the appropriate course of action against the daycare center.

The Barnwell Police Department is in the midst of an investigation after the mysterious death of a 3-month old boy at a home daycare reports The Augusta Chronicle. An autopsy was performed but more testing is needed to determine the cause of death.

A separate incident occurring on the same day involved a 3-year-old girl who was fatally injured in the gymnasium at Gaffney church daycare in South Carolina. The young toddler was trying to retrieve a ball when she experienced a section of the wooden stage collapse on her. Blunt force head trauma was the cause of death; she was pronounced dead at Spartanburg Regional Hospital.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted the most recent study on daycare facilities, attempting to measure safety hazards in childcare environments. There were 8 potential safety hazards investigated at 220 licensed childcare settings across the U.S. The hazards included: recalled child products, drawstrings in clothing, blind cords in windows, safety gates made for children, playground surfacing, maintenance of the surfacing on playgrounds, soft bedding and cribs. The CPSC staff found that two-thirds of the investigated environments had at least one safety hazard present. In 1997, there were approximately 31,000 trips to the emergency room for injuries obtained at child care or school settings for children 4 years-old or younger. At the time of the study, there had been a minimum of 56 child fatalities reported in child care environments since 1990.

Child and daycare facilities have an obligation to obey federal regulations in order to keep valid licensing. Childcare providers should be licensed in CPR and First Aid in order to give proper care to your child. Failure to provide a safe environment is cause for legal action if your child is injured so contact a legal professional if your child is a victim of abuse or neglect at a daycare facility.

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