Watercraft accidents in North Carolina a high risk for injury during the summer months

Summer fun is just around the corner with the school year coming to a close and the weather improving with each and every day. Our Greensboro personal injury attorneys know that watercraft activities are a favorite pastime of many in this state so be extra careful when heading out on the boat or jet ski in the coming months.

The recent tragedy of a Bertie County sheriff’s deputy involved in a North Carolina watercraft accident has most of us thinking that safety should be a top priority. Anything can happen in a split second to cause your boat or jet ski to tip over or throw you from the seat.
WCTI 12 reports about the jet ski accident involving the deputy and his three-year-old son who were found fatally injured in their life jackets on the Cashie River recently. The deputy had been putting in a tremendous amount of hours on the job following several severe storms in April before finally having a day off to spend with his family. The accident appears to have been caused by the jet ski hitting an obstacle in the water which ejected the family of three from the seat. After losing consciousness briefly, the mother was able to call for help from her cell phone. But emergency rescue workers arrived to find the deputy and his son not breathing. The mother was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and needed emergency surgery.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission reported 154 boating accidents resulting in 22 fatalities in 2009. Another 104 people required medical treatment after a boating accident in 2009. There were over 368,000 boats registered in the state for that year. The months of May, June, July and August are the most dangerous when it comes to watercraft accidents.
If you own or intend to rent a jet ski, boat, or other watercraft equipment, you should always keep the following safety tips in mind:

-Wear a life jacket at all times.

-Take a course offered about jet ski or boat safety. Learning rules for safe operation are a must.

-When using a jet ski or boat, learn how it operates by picking a spot located away from other watercraft to test power, stopping distances, turning angles, and maneuverability.

-Familiarize yourself with the area you ride in – pick out obstacles or other hazards in the water.

-Operate your boat or jet ski during daylight hours only.

-Use extra caution in the wakes of other boats or rough waters. There is a high risk of being thrown off the watercraft when waters are turbulent.

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