North Carolina Tire Blowout Causes Tragic Accident

Tragedy hit a family from New York City when the SUV they were traveling in flipped over several times on I-95 near Wilson. According to Fox News, it appears that the driver lost control of the vehicle after a rear tire experienced a blowout.

Our Greensboro car accident attorneys and the staff of our law offices offer our condolences to the family; the accident claimed the lives of three generations. We recently posted on our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Blog about the dangers of tire blowouts, especially in extremely hot temperatures.
The North Carolina accident killed a grandmother, mother and daughter, three generations of one family. All three victims were ejected from the vehicle. The family was returning from a trip to Florida where they had gone to Disney World. The 22 year-old daughter was driving when the blowout occurred causing her to lose control. There were five other family members in the SUV who were not seriously hurt in the crash.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) between 2005 and 2009, nearly 3,400 people died in car crashes related to tire issues and an additional 116,000 were injured. Roughly 33,000 people are hurt and 600 people die each year in crashes due to poor tire pressure.

Hot temperatures can cause heat stress to your vehicle’s tires which can lead to a blowout causing a deadly crash. A recently released survey indicated that most drivers don’t know basic tire knowledge. Most drivers, both male and female, don’t know the correct way to check tire pressure. Most car owners have no idea where to find the right inflation pressure for their tires. Sadly, drivers wash their vehicle more often than they check the tire pressure and over 50 percent of drivers don’t know when it is time to get new tires.

Properly reacting to a tire blow out could mean the difference between life and death. When hearing the BANG of your tire blowing out, most drivers jerk the wheel, stomp on the brakes and head to the side of the roadway. Though these reactions are typical they could make matters worse. Be prepared before the incident happens, which means have both hands on the steering wheel. The correct way to handle a blowout is to maintain your speed, don’t step on the brake and steer gently in the opposite direction that your vehicle is pulling towards. Once you have control of the vehicle then slow down and start heading for the side of the roadway.

The NHTSA reported that 77 percent of passenger vehicle occupants involved in fatal crashes that were ejected died, according to 2008 data. Roughly 35 percent of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities were involved in rollover crashes. In 2008, SUVs had the most occupant fatalities in fatal rollover type crashes at 58 percent, followed by pickup trucks with 48 percent, vans had 35 percent and passenger cars had 25 percent.

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