Residents in North Carolina Asked to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

At last check, Hurricane Irene was less than 400 miles away from the coast of North Carolina. This information is from CNNand was recorded at 8:00 a.m. ET. on Friday.

Although the storm is still a ways away from our state, tropical storm-force winds are only about 100 miles from our coast. We can expect to start feeling the effects of this storm by late tomorrow morning or early afternoon. Residents are urged to bunker down now and prepare themselves and their family properly to help avoid property damage or personal injury in North Carolina.
“The timing is such that tonight into Saturday will be the worst for North Carolina and the Virginia Tidewater, Saturday into Sunday for the Delmarva (peninsula) and the eastern part of New Jersey, and then all day Sunday for New England,” said Bill Read, the Director of the National Hurricane Center.

Our North Carolina personal injury attorney encourage all resident prepare for the storm. Gather emergency supplies and prepare your homes before the storm hits our coast. Don’t wait until the last minute. Keep safety as a top priority for you and your family.

Resident should gather a hurricane safety kit, including:

-Bottled water.


-Insurance documents.

-Toilet paper.

-Blankets and sleeping bags.


-Weather radio or a portable radio.

-Extra money.


-Antiseptic spray.


-Non-perishable food items.

-Pet food, if needed.

-Baby formula, if needed.

-Bandages and other first aid kit items.

-Eye glasses, contacts and other eyecare products.

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary items, you’re urged to pack them in a waterproof duffle bag or even a covered trash can. Keep all medications and important first-aid items in a plastic baggie.

Irene is currently a Category 2 hurricane and is heading northward from the Bahamas. It’s expected to run along Florida’s coast, right by Georgia and then through South Carolina. Tens of millions of people could be affected.

A number of cities along the East Coast of the country have already been ordered to evacuate and a number of airlines have already started to cancel flights that would put them in danger. More flights are expected to be canceled.

“Everybody should take this very seriously,” said North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue,

A number of counties in South Carolina that are east of I-95 have already declared a state of emergency.

The Hurricane Center reports that the state could face rising water levels as much as 5 – 10 feet because of a storm surge.

We ask that all residents please be safe and prepared for Hurricane Irene. With the proper safety precautions we can all help to prevent serious injury. Please be safe through the next couple of days.

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