Strangulation Hazard a Serious Danger in Children’s Clothes, Cribs in North Carolina

Parents and their infants can rest a little easier now that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has established new federal requirements for a safer generation of cribs.

Defective products can cause serious child injuries in North Carolina so our Greensboro personal injury lawyers want to remind parents not to take incidents too lightly. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers have an obligation to provide safe products so if your child has been hurt contact an experienced child injury lawyer right away.
Crib manufacturers are now required to meet the following 5 new standards:

  • Vertical slats must be made from stronger wood to prevent breakage.
  • Hardware which attaches pieces together must be made more durable by having anti-loosening devices which prevent them from falling off or coming loose.
  • Drop-side cribs are prohibited from being manufactured or sold. Repair kits and immobilizers are also prohibited.
  • Testing for overall safety should be done more meticulously withstanding tougher measures.
  • Supports for mattresses should be sturdier.

Crib safety is not the only thing parents need to worry about these days. Several defective products have been recalled which include toys, nursery room items, and clothing. Drawstrings found in children’s outerwear clothing has been in the news recently following a CPSC announcement of a final rule addressing neck and waist drawstrings as a strangulation hazard.

Children’s upper outwear sizes 2T through 12 with neck or hood drawstrings and sizes 2T through 16 with waist or bottom drawstrings have been recalled and deemed dangerous for small children who wear them.

CPSC announced last month that Macy’s Inc. has agreed to a $750,000 civil penalty for failing to report sold merchandise containing a children’s outerwear drawstring hazard. The department store had 24 hours to report the retail of children’s clothing from 2006 to 2010 after gaining knowledge of the recalled item and failed to do so.

More recently is the announcement by CPSC that CVS Pharmacy Inc. is also cited for a $45,000 civil penalty as a result of failing to report sales of children’s hooded jackets with neck drawstrings from August 2008 to January 2009. Golden Grove and Young USA announced a recall of the product back in March of 2009 of which CVS had knowingly sold merchandise but failed to report to proper authorities.

Federal law requires that any product that contains a hazard or defect, creates risk of serious injury or fatality, or fails to comply with consumer product safety rules as set forth or banned by the CPSC be reported within 24 hours of acknowledgement by all retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

Failure to do so leads to harsh penalties.
Parents can do their best to protect their children by monitoring them closely but if your child has been injured by a defective product it is important that you seek legal advice and report the hazard immediately.

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