Cell Phones and Other Distractions Can Prove Deadly for Motorist Involved in Distracted Driving Accidents in Hickory

A video series recently launched by the National Safety Council could help motorists to put into perspective all of the dangers related to cell phone use while you are operating a vehicle. Cell phone distractions are a leading cause of car accidents in Hickory, Gastonia and throughout the entire state of North Carolina.

Asheville personal injury lawyers know that organizations throughout the country are continuing to be vigilant in their fight against distracted driving because this behavior continues to kill thousands each and every year on our nation’s roadways. It takes everyone getting on board, putting the cell phone down, and focusing on driving to reduce the risk that are associated with getting distracted behind the wheel.
The series of short videos titled “Understanding Distracted Driving” are free to the public and can be downloaded via YouTube. The 2- to 3-minute videos include frequently asked questions answered by the Senior Director of Transportation Initiatives at the National Safety Council, David Teater.

Some questions include what is the science of cognitive distraction, why are cell phones a dangerous distraction, what employers can do to protect their employees from driving distracted on company time, how parents can set an example and what will it take to reduce crashes.

Teater lost his son in a motor vehicle crash back in 2004 and since then has been a strong advocate for opposing distracted driving behaviors. A former CEO for a strategy and research firm offering counseling to auto manufacturers, Teater frequently speaks about the important topic of banning cell phone use while driving to several state legislatures, in addition to standing in front of the U.S. Congress.

“The resources NSC has developed explain why this behavior is so dangerous and provide solutions on how to go about changing behaviors to make our roadways safer,” said Teater.

We posted on our North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers Blog during National Distracted Driving Month that the NSC and Focus Driven were going to work together to get drivers throughout the country to put down their cell phones during the entire month of April. The two safety organizations encouraged companies to build strong polices for their employees which would ban cell phone use and keep them safer while driving on company time.

This has all been a part of the NSC’s global attack in many different facets to get the message across. The NSC was the first organization to emphatically request a complete ban on cell phone use while driving in the car back in 2009. Since then, many elected officials, employers and general public have jumped on the bandwagon to fight the cause along with the NSC.

We seem to hone in on cell phones being a deadly distraction in cars, but let’s not forget there are a number of other things that can distract us while we drive. A woman from Raleigh was allegedly distracted when she was involved in an accident that killed a 61-year-old male pedestrian recently.

WRAL reports the woman was fiddling with the radio in her car when she lost control of the vehicle, side-swiped a utility pole and hit a pedestrian walking along the road. The driver is charged with failure to maintain a lane and misdemeanor death by a motor vehicle.

Avoid learning a difficult lesson by minimizing distractions inside your vehicle and always putting the cell phone out of reach while you drive. Not only can it save you but it can make roadways safe for others.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a North Carolina distracted driving accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at the Lee Law Offices, P.A for advice and free consultation about your rights. Call 1-800-887-1965 to make an appointment today.

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