Fairs, Festivals Put People at Risk for Injury at North Carolina Fall Events

This time of year is filled with all sorts of events like Pumpkinfest, sweet potato festivals, Oktoberfest, street fairs, and holiday extravaganzas throughout North Carolina. Though these events can be fun and entertaining, there are certain risks involved while you’re there.
Our Greensboro injury lawyers want to remind fair-goers who are injured at these events to get advice from an experienced law firm so you can be compensated fairly for any injuries you might obtain. Event coordinators and organizers have a responsibility to protect the public from freak accidents or injuries. Often, these are cases of premise liability caused by negligence on their part.

We posted earlier this month on our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Blog that South Carolina State Fair representatives were going to take extra precautions this year to prevent accidents and injuries with the installation of a high-tech camera that would offer around-the-clock surveillance of activities during the fair.

Maybe the camera will help determine the cause of an accident on the “Banzai” ride that injured six people. The teens who sustained injuries from a ride accident at the South Carolina State Fair did not need to be hospitalized. But each of them was treated at the on-site first-aid center for cuts, bruises and a shoulder injury.

WSPA reports that the defective ride that caused the injury had been inspected earlier in the week, but inspectors from the State Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation are trying to determine what caused a metal piece to break off the ride. The piece of metal broke into smaller piece and hit the deck, which caused the injuries. It is a requirement that state fair rides are inspected and certified by a professional prior to each event and then on a daily basis by the rides’ owners. Inspectors from the Department of Labor are investigating to make sure all protocol was followed during the certified inspection a few days earlier.

The Bonzai ride accident isn’t the only serious accident that caused severe injury to a fair-goer recently. WCTI 12 reported about a helicopter malfunction at a Chili Festival in Craven County that caused four people to be rushed to the hospital. The helicopter had been on display all day and was about to do a scheduled take-off when the prop wash from the helicopter’s rotors blew over tables and tents, injuring several people. Some witnesses described the accident like a tornado that appeared out of nowhere, blowing tables and chairs everywhere and causing complete chaos. One spectator witnessed the man-made windstorm move a moonwalk attraction containing several children inside across the ground towards the highway. Some of the injuries to spectators included a broken leg, head injuries, severe cuts with heavy bleeding, and a man knocked unconscious.

Events like these can be quite scary. Putting your faith and trust in the event coordinators to keep you safe is to be expected, but keep in mind you do have rights when an injury occurs at a fair, carnival, festival or other public event.

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