31 Year-Old Charlotte Pedestrian Killed by Drunk Driver While Crossing the Street

A recent drunk driving accident in Charlotte that cost a pedestrian her life has caused quite a stir with local business establishments and members of the community.

WSOCTV reports a woman was hit by a drunk driver in an SUV as she was crossing the street. A witness reported the young woman had made it across safely but was hit when she turned around. Local merchants are petitioning the city to have a crosswalk put in at the intersection because it is so difficult to get across safely with the heavy flow of traffic.

The closest nearby crosswalk to the scene of the accident is nearly a block away. The alleged drunk driver who is charged with causing the accident was arrested on counts of DWI, felony involuntary manslaughter and a violation for license restriction.
Winston-Salem personal injury lawyers know that the holidays are fast approaching which is cause for celebration but please be responsible by choosing not to drive under the influence. We hope for the safety of all roadway users to keep drunk drivers off the streets so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable holiday season this year.

WCNC reports that neighbors within the community are also expressing their concern about the dangerous but popular party spot. Though the pedestrian accident was a tragedy, members of the community fear it will happen again. One posed problem is the convenience of parking near bars and restaurants in the area.

A merchant parking lot is located nearby which requires crossing the street with no crosswalk as opposed to parking up on the corner which would require using three crosswalks to get to the same popular bar and restaurant area.

Several neighbors spoke of previous near-misses which are good indicators that this is a dangerous area waiting for more accidents to happen. The last accident at this spot occurred in August 2010 when three pedestrians were hit by a drunk driver but no one was killed.

In the news since the accident is a bar owner taking matters into his own hands by launching an online petition to get safety features added in front of his business where the pedestrian was killed. The Charlotte Observer reports the owner of Jackelope Jack’s has petitioned the city to install flashing lights and speed limit curfews.

The victim was a regular patron at the establishment and had left there right before the accident occurred. The owner stated that Jackelope Jack’s would contribute financially to installing the requested safety measures to help keep patrons safe as they head home.

The transportation department in Charlotte is waiting for police to complete their investigation before they send out a team for a field investigation. An investigative team will then conduct an engineering study to see what measures can be taken to improve pedestrian safety.

Drunk drivers kill more than 10,000 people annually. Don’t let this year end in tragedy by getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink. Be responsible for your own actions and don’t let friends drive drunk.

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