ABS Systems Help Reduce the Risk of Statesville Motorcycle Accidents

Riding season for motorcycle enthusiasts in North Carolina has neared the end but it doesn’t mean that getting a new motorcycle won’t end up on the holiday shopping list this year. Finding a motorcycle in the off-season that is fully equipped with safety features can reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents in Statesville or elsewhere once riding season rolls around again.
Gastonia injury lawyers understand that the braking system on a motorcycle is more complex than in vehicles but failing to stop or slow down safely is a common cause of motorcycle collisions. Motorcycles often have separate braking mechanisms for front and rear wheels, which can cause an accident to occur if one of them locks up while attempting to brake. When brakes lock in a vehicle it usually results in a skid. When the same thing happens on a motorcycle, the rider can lose balance which often results in a deadly fall.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has published a new brochure which will make shopping for a safer motorcycle a little easier. A motorcycle containing anti-lock brakes (ABS) is proven to be safer than a bike that isn’t equipped with them. Recent studies have shown that 37 percent fewer fatal crashes occur when a motorcycle is equipped with anti-lock brakes when compared to the same model without the braking system. In addition, fewer collision insurance claims are reported for motorcycles featured with anti-lock brakes according to Highway Loss Data Institute.

The Motorcycle ABS: Why you want to ride with it brochure can be found online but will also start being distributed at rider training events or other venues. The pamphlet explains in detail how ABS works, what they do and what safety benefits result when riding a motorcycle with the ABS system. Some motorcycles come standard with ABS. But most other models can have the system installed so shoppers are encouraged to weigh their options before they purchase.

How ABS works:
Measuring wheel speed is a key element for an anti-lock braking system to work. A tone wheel (small grooved ring near the brake disc) sends a reading contracted by the wheel speed sensor to the ABS unit which determines if a wheel is about to stop rotating. If the system detects an error, pressure is adjusted from the brake cylinder on the brake caliper several times per second by the information transmitted from the wheel speed sensor.

The ABS process helps in emergency situations when braking is needed immediately to avoid a collision. Riders don’t have to fear locking up and can gain control more easily after traction is restored. The anti-lock system also allows riders to stop short while maintaining balance on the motorcycle.

In 2009, over 4,000 motorcyclists died on U.S. roadways. A motorcycle doesn’t have all the protective features that a vehicle comes with so choosing a bike with features that have proven to make motorcycles safer is the best option to help avoid a potentially serious or fatal collision in the future.

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