Nighttime Car Accidents in Greensboro, Elsewhere Discussed with Dr. Val Jones on Better Health Series

A recent podcast of Better Health with Dr. Val Jones discussed the dangers of driving in the dark and what can happen to your eyes to increase the chances of nighttime driving car accidents in Greensboro Hickory or elsewhere in the state.

According to Dr. Jones, nighttime driving is considerably more dangerous for some drivers. This can be explained by the fact that at night your eyes don’t have as much to focus on like they do during the day so they work extra hard to zero in on external environmental stimuli.
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Now that we have set our clocks back by one hour, Statesville personal injury lawyers understand that the stakes just got higher for keeping pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists safe during evening commutes in the dark. In many cases it takes motorists times to adjust to the time change, which can put all roadway users at risk.

In an interview with an optometrist, Dr. Jones reports that your ability to focus and the size of your pupil are in correlation to the amount of light available. Limited light causes the pupil to dilate, which can result in blurred vision. Drivers should never drive with under-corrected or uncorrected vision problems since it puts you and other travelers at serious risk of injury.

A spokesman from the National Safety Council has stated that driving at night has a negative effect on a driver’s eyes. It often causes problems with determining where something begins and something ends, as well as, peripheral vision. In many cases, age and what level of vision your eyes score on a test play a role in nighttime driving. For example, you may be a young driver but still struggle with nighttime driving because you have less than perfect vision and don’t see as well in the dark as you do during the day. Recent reports indicate that 30 percent of travel occurs after the sun sets and almost half of fatal crashes occur at night.

As motorists travel through the darker winter months, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind that may help improve your safety on roadways at night. When driving in the dark, remember to blink to help create awareness about everything going on around you, not just one thing in particular. Try slowing down while driving at night to help with your reaction time to environmental hazards. Nighttime drivers often complain about the glare on windshields caused by oncoming vehicles. Keep your windshields clean and wipers functioning properly. Drivers should also refrain from looking directly through the glare caused by the approaching headlight but rather look above it. If you detect you are having some vision problems or difficulty in seeing, don’t be afraid to go for an eye exam to determine what can help improve your vision, especially at night when you are driving.

Remember that the risks of a collision with a driver operating under the influence or an inexperienced teen driver increase dramatically after dark. It may be unrealistic to never get behind the wheel during nighttime hours but the odds of drivers improving their safety increase by limiting the number of hours spent driving in the dark.

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