“OMG” Campaign Educates Teens About Potential for Distracted-Driving Car Accidents in Gastonia, Elsewhere

You may have been sitting in your living room, filling your gas tank, or at the theater ready to watch a movie recently and noticed a public service announcement with a strong message for teens about the dangers of driving distracted. Hopefully it is getting through to younger drivers that texting while driving is a behavior that can lead to unfortunate consequences. Teen car accidents in Gastonia and elsewhere are often caused by a driver texting or otherwise not paying attention to the roadway.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the “OMG” PSA a few weeks ago, just in time for the holidays. No parent or family member wants to mourn the loss of a teenage child during the holiday season, so the timing is perfect to initiate conversations with your kids after you both have viewed the advertisement.

Charlotte personal injury lawyers understand that roadways can be a little more dangerous this time of year with winter weather and holiday travelers using roadways more frequently. Plus, teenage drivers are more likely to be hanging out with friends or attending parties now that they have a few extra days off from school.

The “OMG” PSA is meant to relate to teens with the shortened abbreviations used while texting. Speaking to teens in a language they can understand is expected to drive the point home. The vivid images show teens texting with messages like “LOL” (laugh out loud) and “L8R” (later) before they look up and find it is too late to avoid a crash.

The PSA is airing at Regal Cinema theaters and on Outcast Pump Top gas station pump-top screens nationwide throughout December. Two different versions may be viewed on cinema or gas-pump screens. One version is meant for a teenage audience and will be aired on almost 6,600 movie screens in 526 Regal Entertainment Group owned-and-operated cinemas nationwide. Outcast Pump Top TV will air a more somber version on 12,000 high-traffic gas stations nationwide. Both versions are also available for viewing at the government website, distraction.gov.

The teenage group relies heavily on social networking devices to stay connected to friends and family. By portraying vivid images using their own teen lingo, the government and other anti-distracted driving advocates hope to get through to teens and eliminate these unsafe behaviors on U.S. roadways. Movie theaters and gas stations are some of the most highly trafficked avenues during the holidays and is the perfect way to portray a clear image about what can happen when you get distracted behind the wheel.

The government continues to be vigilant in their efforts to stop all drivers from using cell phones while they operate a vehicle. Parents and teens are reminded to do your part by putting down the cell phone each time you get behind the wheel this holiday season and beyond.

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