Pedestrian Safety Around the Holidays Can Reduce the Risk of Accidents in Charlotte, Elsewhere

Our Asheville personal injury lawyers know that the holidays are a dangerous time of year for motorists because roadways become more congested with vehicles, distracted drivers and drivers under the influence. But they are equally as dangerous for pedestrians who are traveling by foot. People getting around by foot need to pay close attention to speeding or distracted motorists in order to avoid a pedestrian accident in Charlotte, Greensboro or elsewhere in the state.
Several recent pedestrian accidents keep us mindful of just how dangerous roadways can be this time of year. reports of one pedestrian who was struck and killed by a car at an intersection in Wheaton. During early morning hours, a pedestrian was walking along Knollwood Drive when a vehicle driving along Geneva Road hit him as he was crossing an intersection. The accident is still under investigation but police officials reported that the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. reports of a separate incident that left two pedestrians dead after a car struck them and left the scene of the accident. The two pedestrians were allegedly having an argument when they got out of their vehicle on U.S. Highway 52. A motorist struck the couple and kept on driving while a second and third vehicle ran them over after they lay in the middle of the road. The second driver stopped and reported the accident. The two pedestrians were not able to be saved after having contact with three separate vehicles involved in the accident.

The Highway Safety Research Center reports that there are approximately 2,200 pedestrians struck by vehicles in police-reported crashes every year. Of these, roughly 150 to 200 are killed and another 500 are seriously injured from the collision. In a study looking at data from 2005-2009, researchers found that pedestrians failing to yield were the top cause of pedestrian crashes during this period, reporting a total of 1,756. The next leading cause or crash type were parking lot or off-roadway accidents which killed 1,091 North Carolina pedestrians from 2005-2009.

As pedestrians head out to do some last minute shopping or walk around town to see storefront holiday displays or parades, be mindful of the following safety reminders to avoid a pedestrian accident this holiday season:

-Nighttime falls sooner this time of year so keep a flash light handy to help avoid a trip and fall accident.

-Look both ways before you cross the street. Always use a crosswalk rather than dashing out into the street at mid-block.

-Don’t become overloaded with too many shopping bags or gift items. Carrying excessive bags or cargo can deter you from seeing clearly or making it across the street safely if something falls from your arms.

-Try to shop with friends rather than walking to stores alone, especially in dark parking lots or isolated side streets.

-Join in the spirit of the holiday season by dressing in bright and easy to see clothing.

-Avoid walking on sidewalks or walkways that are icy or snow covered.

Pedestrians should use extra caution around motorists or other roadways users to avoid a collision that can lead to a serious injury during the holidays. Staying alert can help pedestrians to enjoy the season and spend the holidays with family and friends safely.

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