Officers: January Car Accidents in South Carolina Alarming

January has been a deadly month on the roadways of South Carolina. According to The State, there have already been 47 people killed in car accidents in Spartanburg and elsewhere throughout the state. According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Richland County has reported the most deaths so far with eight. Lexington County ranked in at number three with five traffic-related fatalities. Most of the victims were residents of South Carolina, but many others were from Virginia and North Carolina.
“It’s the same thing over and over and over,” said Richland County Trooper Brian Kelly. “It’s the drinking and driving, no seat belts, the speeding.”

Our South Carolina car accident lawyers understand that officers have grown weary of the irresponsible driving habits of those in the state. Earlier in the month, Lexington County Sheriff James Metts held a news conference to discuss the latest trend in fatal traffic accidents. Throughout the conference he waived his fist in the air and shouted “Enough is enough!” He announced that State Highway Patrol officers will be increasing their enforcement efforts in the coming months and throughout the year to help to reduce the number of fatal accidents. Within these enforcement efforts is a plan for officer to stop pedestrians who they believe are endangering themselves on our roadways.

Just last week, there were four people killed during an accident in Columbia on George Rogers Boulevard.

The trend continued throughout the weekend, losing the lives of six people on our roadways. Two of the fatalities were pedestrians and one was a moped rider. The other three killed over the weekend were motorists who were not wearing a seat belt.

Additionally, there were 35 people killed in accidents across the state so far in January while riding in trucks and cars. More than half of the fatalities in these accidents were victims who were not wearing a seat belt. The rest were bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Kelly says that we are seeing more pedestrian accidents because of the struggling economy – people can’t afford to drive cars like they used to. Kelly asks motorists to keep an eye out for pedestrians and travelers using other non-traditions modes of transportation. Pay attention, he adds.

According to 2005 statistics from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety:

-Someone is killed in a traffic-related accident in the state every 8 hours.

-Someone is injured every on our roadways 10.6 minutes.

-Alcohol-related traffic accidents injure or kill someone every 2 hours.

-Traffic accidents involving a teenage driver injure or kill someone every 1.2 hours.

-A bicyclist is killed every 21 and a half days.

-A motorcyclist is killed every 3.9 days.

-A pedestrian is killed every 3.7 days.

-There is a traffic accident every 4.7 minutes.

If we don’t start paying more attention and practicing safer driving habits on our state’s roadways, these statistics are sure to get much worse. The number of fatalities is increasing significantly already in 2012. Start now and make a change for safer roadways by being more careful and cautious while traveling.

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