Two Pedestrian Accidents in Charlotte Drawing City’s Attention

Two recent pedestrian accidents in North Carolina are garnering the attention of city residents, Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) officials, city council members and law enforcement officers. It’s agreed: more needs to be done to make the intersection of South College Street at East Stonewall safer for pedestrians, according to WSOCTV.
“I think we need to have an awareness campaign of some sort to make sure they know what’s going on as it relates to pedestrian rights,” said Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon.

Our Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyers understand that pedestrian safety is a top concern among those in the city. Mayor Cannon says he is in complete and utter disbelief that drivers in Uptown have such disregard for pedestrians and their right-of-way at these crossings. He says that the intersections need to be examined and more needs to be done to increase the safety of pedestrians in the city.

The first accident happened as a pedestrian attempted to cross Stonewall at roughly 7 a.m. and was hit by a passing vehicle. The second accident happened as a 47-year-old attempted to cross at the same intersection and was struck by a dump truck.

Officials with CDOT say that one of their top priorities is to address the dangers for with pedestrians crossing this intersection. Transportation officials and the city’s manager’s office are all on board in saying they need to learn out why these accidents happen. They will then use the findings to create a solution to make it safer for everyone.

CMPD Captain Jeff Estes says one accident is too many, one fatality is too many and something needs to be done. He says he is looking forward to working with CDOT to make the necessary changes.

According to The University of North Carolina, there are about 2,200 police-reported pedestrian accidents in the state every year. Some suggest this number is actually higher, as some incidents are never even reported. Of the 2,200 accidents, it’s estimated that nearly 200 are killed and another 500 are injured every year.

Drivers are asked to be cautious near this dangerous intersection and elsewhere throughout the state. To help to reduce the risks of pedestrian accidents, The University of North Carolina is here to offer some safety tips for drivers to keep our foot travelers safe.

Driver Safety Tips to Protect Pedestrians:

-Assume that pedestrians are everywhere, even in spots they’re not likely to be. This will help you to stay on guard at all times.

-Remember that pedestrians can be difficult to see, especially at night or in bad weather. Always keep a close eye out.

-When approaching a crosswalk, drive slowly and be ready to stop.

-Always stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, even when the crosswalk is not marked.

-Never pass another vehicle that is stopped for a pedestrian.

-Be extra cautious when driving through neighborhoods and school zones.

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