Vehicle Maintenance Critical to Preventing Greensboro Car Accidents this Winter

While the Carolinas are safely out of the Snow Belt, that doesn’t mean wet, slippery and icy roads are not a danger. In fact, car accidents in Greensboro and elsewhere in the Carolinas can be attributed to winter weather and/or the lack of proper preparation and planning on the part of motorists.

Our Greensboro car accident attorneys understand the role complacency plays. A dusting of snow can be more dangerous than a blizzard in a locale where winter driving is part of the daily winter grind.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a winter travel safety advisory.

“It’s important that drivers properly maintain their vehicles and always drive responsibly – never texting behind the wheel or driving drunk and always wearing a seat belt,” said Administrator David Strickland.

Proper preparation for winter travel requires that you have your vehicle serviced — now.

Check your Battery: Cold weather reduces battery power. And it takes more power to start a cold engine. Electric vehicles have reduced range. Your battery should be checked to ensure proper voltage. And your mechanic should make sure the alternator, belts and charging-system components are in good repair and are functioning properly.

Cooling System: Freezing liquid expands. Not having the proper mixture (i.e. too much water and not enough antifreeze) can cause freezing and may damage your engine block or radiator. Your coolant must also be rated with withstand the rigors of winter weather and should be mixed 50/50 with water. Specific recommendations can be found in your owner’s manual. The system should also be flushed and serviced periodically.

Inspect your Tires: Make sure your tires are in good repair and properly inflated. Keep a tire gauge in your vehicle and check cold tire pressure regularly.

Windshield Wiper Reservoir: Fill your reservoir and keep it filled with no-freeze fluid.

Wipers and Defrosters: Check to ensure your wipers and defrosters are in good repair.

You should also allow plenty of time to reach your destination, travel with a fully-charged cell phone and keep and emergency travel kit in your car. Poor tires and poor visibility can greatly increase your risk for an accident. And, as our Carolina personal injury lawyers have reported, being stranded greatly increases your risk for an accident. Secondary accidents are often causes by stranded motorists or by those slowing down, gawking or attempting to get around a stranded vehicle. Exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning and other risks are also common when a motorist is stranded in winter weather.

Check back often for more winter travel-safety tips and tips and other important safety topics. Safety is not an accident. Most often, it is planned. Resolve to do more to keep you and your family safe this holiday season.

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