Bumbo Baby Seat Users Risk Child Injury in North Carolina

Consumer safety groups and U.S. government officials are warning parents that the Bumbo Baby Sitter seat could lead to serious child injuries in North Carolina and in other areas of the country.

The popular foam seat has been cited in a number of reported child skull fractures and other injuries, though no official recall has been issued.

Our North Carolina child injury attorneys know that when you purchase a product for use by your infant or small child, you have an expectation that it will be safe. Unfortunately, we know that’s not always the case.


A recent story by USA Today asked the question whether the Bumbo seat should be recalled for the second time, due to the increasing reports of head injuries.

The product was first recalled in 2007. At the time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said it was a risk to have the seat on an elevated surface. Under that recall, the South African manufacturer placed a large warning label on the side of the seat, letting caregivers know that they weren’t intended for use on raised surfaces, like tables or counters.

But now, five years later, the seat is connected to more than 30 skull fractures, including at least two that happened while it was being used on the floor.

The Bumbo seat is hugely popular, with more than 4 million having been sold across the country. The foam seats come in a variety of colors, and while some have trays that can be fitted across the top, there are no safety restraints. Manufacturers say it is supposed to allow children the ability to sit upright for the first time.

A spokesman with the company told USA Today that child restraints on the seat would create a false sense of security.

Last November, the safety products commission reported that it had known of at least 45 incidents in which a child fell out of the Bumbo seat, and that was since the recall. Of those children, 17 were babies ages 3 to 10 months who suffered serious head injuries.
While Bumbo seat executives say they are aware of nine injuries that happened while the seat was in use on the floor. Yet, they continue to maintain the seat is safe, while injuries continue to occur.

As USA Today pointed out, most of the recalls issued by the product safety commission didn’t even involve any injuries or death. Here, we have evidence that a number of children have been hurt, and yet the product continues to stay on the market as is.
One mother who complained to the government agency about this fact reported that her baby had been right next to her on the floor when he fell out. Other parents, she said, should be aware of the dangers.

Nancy Cowles, a spokeswoman for Kids In Danger, a child consumer advocacy group, said while the number of injuries might seem small in comparison to the large number of these seats sold, consider if it was your child.

“In this case, with a skull fracture a possible outcome, it isn’t worth the risk,” she said.

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