Fickle Weather Conditions Increasing Risks for Car Accidents in Asheville and Elsewhere

There seems to be no end in sight. North Carolina keeps getting hammered with dangerous winter weather. The weather has been a primary factor in a number of snow, ice and rain-related car accidents in Western North Carolina and elsewhere. According to NEWS2, a tractor-trailer tipped over into an embankment on Interstate 40 right by the Brevard Road exit. A lane of that roadway had to be closed so that emergency responders could get the big rig out. This accident happened when Asheville was hit by that punch of mid-February snow.
Our recent weather conditions have been sitting in the 20s and 30s with some wicked wind gusts. Although The Weather Channel reports that it’s expected to warm up in the next few days, rain is still prevalent. With slick roadways, risks for car accidents in Asheville are still expected to be high.

Weather can be pretty tricky during this time of year. One day it starts to warm up. The next day we are slammed with icy temperatures and the next days it’s pouring rain. Our Asheville car accident attorneys ask that you prepare yourself for any and all types of weather that Mother Nature decides to throw at us. There are a few safe driving tips that can be applied to all driving scenarios. For others, we need to properly adjust our driving habits to accommodate the current traffic and the weather conditions.

General Driving Tips from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT):

-Stay alert at the wheel.

-Always buckle up.

-Never drive while under the influence of alcohol.

-Make sure children are always fastened in approved child seats.

-Always follow the posted speed limit.

-Be patient. Don’t rush.

-Never tailgate other vehicles.

-Ignore in-car distractions.

-Keep a lookout for debris in the road.

-Leave early to avoid rushing.

-Consider planning trips that avoid busy and congested roadways.

-Check NCDOT’s Traveler Information Management System (TIMS) or call 511 to get real-time travel info.

Winter Weather Driving Tips from NCDOT:

-Make sure that all of your windows and your mirrors are clear.

-Slow it down when weather conditions are shoddy.

-Allow a safe following distance between you and other vehicles.

-Be careful around shaded roadways and bridges because ice accumulates first in these areas.

-If you start sliding on an icy roadway, ease up on the gas and turn your steering wheel in the direction that your car is sliding. Don’t brake because you will lose control even more.

-Always carry a cell phone with you for emergencies.

-Always make a complete stop when coming to intersections with no working traffic lights. Treat these areas like four-way stops.

NCDOT is there by your side trying to make the state’s roadways safer for everyone. The Department usually budgets about $30 million each year for winter weather road treatments. More funds, if needed, will be drawn from emergency reserves.

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