Officials Worry of Dangerous Roadway and Reports of Serious Car Accidents in North Carolina

Interstate 40 between Swannanoa Valley and McDowell Road can be a dangerous area if you’re not prepared.

According to the Citizen-Times, many motorists are relieved to leave the steep curves once the roadway finally flattens and the speed limit goes from 55 mph to 65 mph. But they’re not home-free yet, as there are still a few remaining curves that stretch across the westbound lanes of the Interstate, between the top of the mountain and near the exits in Ridgecrest. This area has been the site of numerous car accidents in North Carolina.
For this reason, officials with the Black Mountain Fire Department and Mayor Carl Barlett are looking to get an electronic sign installed to help to warn drivers of the conditions. Officials want the sign to warn drivers to slow down through the area.

Our North Carolina car accident attorneys understand that there have many wrecks on the westbound stretch of that roadway in recent years. One of the most memorable, for officials at least, may be the one that happened in November, when a vehicle slammed into the back of a Mountain Police Department car, which then went airborne into the path of firefighters. Luckily, those involved in this accident were only left with bruises and scrapes. Others haven’t been so fortunate.

Jones recalls another accident in which a passing motorist slammed into the median and pinned a vehicle. Officials were forced to shut down lanes for an hour. He said that by time he rescued the driver, it had gone from a two-car wreck to a 10-car wreck. He says it was one of the scariest things he ever witnessed.

That part of the road is not in the Town of Black Mountain limits technically, but is still serviced by the fire department. The police department doesn’t even have jurisdiction in the area, but they’re still responding to accidents there.

One commuter said she sees accidents in the area of this roadway all the time. She says there also a large number of dead deer, bears and road kill, too. People are eager to finish their journey off the mountain, she said, and they end up speeding. Some even say the speeding continues once they exit the Interstate.

Mayor Bartlett says that the state will look into these dangers, eventually. He says it’s going to take some convincing though. He says they first have to go look at the accident data in the area and report just how bad they were. The state will then respond only if it feels there is in fact danger to motorists on that strip of road.

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