NTSB Forum to Discuss Distraction-Related Car Accidents in South Carolina and Elsewhere

As we recently reported, teenage drivers have some of the highest risks for distraction-related car accidents in South Carolina and elsewhere. While these young drivers have some of the highest risks for these kinds of accidents, all drivers are at some serious risk for these crashes. Distracted Driving: it’s a tragic behavior that needs to be addressed and needs to be fixed to help save countless lives on our roadways.
For that reason, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently announced that it would be holding a one-day forum to look at specific countermeasures that can help to reduce these risks for all drivers. Right now, states are responsible for creating distracted driving-related laws to mitigate these behaviors. Currently, there are no laws on the books in place in South Carolina to stop any driver from engaging in distractions behind the wheel, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Our state is one of the few states left that has yet to enact these laws.

Our Spartanburg injury lawyers understand how dangerous distracted driving actually is. The problem is that many drivers think that they’re so experienced behind the wheel that they’re able to safety take on additional tasks in addition to navigating our roadways safely. The truth of the matter is that distractions, no matter how small, take precious attention and focus off of the road and increases the risks for car accidents. Distraction-related car accidents kill far too many people every year. There were nearly 5,500 people who were killed in these kinds of accidents in the U.S. in 2009. Another 448,000 people were injured in these crashes.

During this one-day forum, the panel is going to review the findings of recent distracted driving research and studies and they will look into how to promote current and future enforcement efforts to keep drivers’ eyes and minds on the road in an attempt to eliminate distracted driving-related crashes. There will be a number of specific countermeasures that will be addressed in this forum, including:

-Technology and design countermeasures.

-Effective ways to change attitudes and behaviors through education and outreach.

-Various distracted driving laws and enforcement.

The Chair of the forum will be the current NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman and the current five NTSB Board Members will be serving as members of the Board of Inquiry.

There will be expert panelists in this forum, including experts from vehicle manufacturers, advocacy groups, government, law enforcement and research communities. It’s being held late in March at the NTSB Conference Center in Washington D.C. The public is welcome to view the forum through a live webcast. If you missed the webcast, it should be available to download by the end of the following day and will be available for three months.

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