Teen Girls Likely Involved in Distraction-Related Car Accidents in Anderson and Elsewhere

According to a recent study from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, teenage girls are twice as likely as teenage boys to use cell phones, text messaging devices and other electronics behind the wheel. This heightened probability for distracted driving increases their risks for a car accident in Anderson and elsewhere.
Our Anderson personal injury attorneys understand that kids these days are practically connected at the hip to their friends and whatnot through various electronic devices and through social networks. It’s important for parents and mentors to remind these young drivers that driving is no time for them to be talking with friends and playing on the internet. Teenage drivers already have a higher accident rate because of their inexperience behind the wheel, adding in communication technology only increases these risks. Electronics are the most common distractions for drivers of all ages, but most commonly endanger young drivers.

The recent AAA study captured what these young drivers did behind the wheel through in-car cameras. The purpose of this study was to determine just how dangerous distracted driving was and how often these young drivers were engaging in distractions while driving.

“Cell phones, texting, personal grooming, and reaching for things in the car were among the most common distracting activities found,” said Peter Kissinger, the President and CEO of AAA.

The new study showed researchers exactly how at-risk these young drivers are. In many states, teenage drivers are prohibited from using cell phones, electronic devices and other electronics behind the wheel. Unfortunately, South Carolina is one of the only states that has absolutely no bans on any driver regarding their engagements in distractions behind the wheel, according to the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA).

The study concluded that electronics were the number one kind of distraction for these young drivers. Aside from electronics, about 15 percent of driver distractions included personal grooming, adjusting in-car controls and drinking or eating. Older teens were more likely to engage in electronic distractions at the wheel. This led researchers to believe that as these drivers got more and more comfortable behind the wheel, the more comfortable they got in engaging in distractions.

Study Findings:

-Teenage female drivers were 10 percent more likely to engage in distractions other than playing with electronics.

-Teenage female drivers were 50 percent more likely than males to reach for an object while driving.

-Teenage female drivers were 25 percent to eat and drink behind the wheel than males.

-Young male drivers weren’t off the hook though. They were more likely to turn around in their seats and talk with people outside of the vehicle.

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