Defective Products in Asheville and Elsewhere Making Headlines!

There’s been a number of consumer product recalls recently that have safety officials and consumers concerned.

You may remember the recall of the inflatable pool slides from Toys ‘R’ Us and Walmart that happened earlier this year. These items were recalled after the death of a woman and a few other serious injuries in Asheville and elsewhere. But with the history of problems regarding inflatable pool toys, this will probably pass and consumers will soon forget, many still having these items in their home. According to statistics, only about 10 percent of recalled products are ever returned by consumers, according to TIME. That’s right. You might have some dangerous products in your home and not even know it! That’s why we’re urging consumers to stay up to date with this kind of information. Staying in the know can help to prevent a potentially fatal accident!
“We know that the majority of products that are recalled remain in consumers’ homes,” says Nancy Cowles, executive director Kids in Danger.

Our Asheville defective product attorneys understand that residents are not always informed about recalls and when consumers don’t know, people get hurt. Remember the recall from the Consumer Product Safety Commission back in February in which there were 200,000 furnaces nationwide recalled? Those same furnaces were recalled less than 10 years earlier because of a number of household fires. In both cases, a majority of the furnaces were never returned to the company. They just stayed in residents’ homes, serving as serious fire hazards. Nearly 95 percent of the near 400 accidents happened after the recall was made. If you have a product that has been recalled, it’s important for you to return the product for a refund or for a repair, depending on which the manufacturer is offering. It’s nothing to gamble with. Get it out of your house and away from your loved ones.

People keep recalled products in their homes for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they never knew of the recall in the first place. Sometimes it’s because all the hype around these recalls has numbed consumers to the actual threats and no one really takes them seriously anymore. Consumers think they’ve got the upper hand and that an injury won’t result from one of these products. Either way, the result is that people are getting hurt long after these recalls have been issued.

Until retailers, manufacturers and government officials do a better job informing the public about safety recalls, it’s important for consumers to check out the CPSC’s Safety Recall Page frequently.

Here are some of the latest recalls, according to TIME:

-LG Dehumidifiers.

-Drop-Side Cribs.

-Family Dollar Store Toy Dart Guns.

-Gel Fuel.

-Roman Shade and Roll-Up Blinds.

-Magnetix Building Sets.

-Maclaren Strollers (Pre-2010).

-Maytag Dishwashers.

-Lasko Box Fans.

-Bumbo Baby Seats.

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