Motorcycle Accidents in Charlotte and Elsewhere Targeted through Campaign

There were nearly 31,000 motorists cited throughout the state during this year’s “Motorcycle Safety Awareness” Campaign, which took place from April 30th through May 6th.

Motorists were handed various traffic and criminal citations during this time by both local and state law enforcement officials. This campaign aims to raise awareness about motorcycles on our roadways and to help to reduce the risks of accidents in Charlotte and elsewhere.
“State and local law enforcement agencies across the state stepped up patrols and conducted training during the week-long campaign to educate cyclists and motorists about the importance of motorcycle safety,” said Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP) Director Becky Wallace.

Our Charlotte accident lawyers understand that motorcyclists have some of the highest fatality rates of all drivers. As we head into the summer months we can only expect more and more motorcyclists on our roadways. These motorists are oftentimes overlooked on our roadways and with the little protection, they’re likely to be seriously injured or killed in traffic accidents across the nation. For that reason, safety officials believe it’s important to raise awareness about these vulnerable motorists.

During this year’s safety campaign, officials with the GHSP worked alongside various law enforcement agencies to conduct a number of motorcyclist safety rider training programs statewide. In addition to these efforts, Bike Safe North Carolina conducted a number of motorcycle safety training classes throughout North Carolina. These classes will be continuing on throughout the remainder of the month.

In 2011, there were nearly 200,000 registered motorcycles in the state of North Carolina. During this time, there were more than 4,115 motorcycle accidents. These crashes ended up taking the lives of more than 140 motorcyclists and injured another 4,000, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

To help to further the education, the GHSP offers these safety tips to motorists:

-Motorists and motorcyclists are required to share the road with one another. Motorcycles have the right to a full lane of traffic. They follow the same road rules as you and I and should be treated with the same respect as any other driver.

-Stay alert behind the wheel. Motorcyclists can easily get lost in traffic and in a vehicle’s blind spot. Be sure that you take an extra second to look through traffic for these small motorists before making a maneuver in traffic, whether it’s a turn or a lane change.

-Make sure that you keep a safe distance from motorcyclists. Allow more following distance behind these vehicles.

-Be cautious. The turn signals on motorcycles are not self-canceling. Sometimes riders can forget to shut them off. Make sure a biker’s signal is for real.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident in Charlotte or elsewhere in North or South Carolina, contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at the Lee Law Offices, P.A. A free and confidential appointment can help you get on the right track to recovery. Call 1-800-887-1965 to speak with an experienced injury attorney today.

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