Boating Accident in Hendersonville Kills Carolina Resident

During a recent boating accident in Hendersonville, a 50-year-old Carolina man drowned. While boating in Lake Osceola, the man’s canoe capsized and he was unable to swim to shore. His fiancée made it out alive but he was not as fortunate.

Officials point out that this is the third lake drowning that has happened in Western North Carolina this year, according to the Citizen-Times. The accident happened at about 4:00 p.m. on a 12-acre lake located just south of the city of Hendersonville. The two were in town visiting from Greenville, South Carolina.
Henderson County Sheriff’s Office’s Capt. Frank Stout says that he man tried to swim ashore but never made it. Witnesses say that they saw him go under the water just once. He never made it back up.

Our Hendersonville injury attorneys understand that it’s that time of year again — that time when residents and visitors head out to our waterways to enjoy some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when we see an alarming number of boating accidents. In the state, wearing a life jacket isn’t required by law but all boater’s are still encouraged to do so. Life jackets may be a boater’s best defense in the event of a watercraft accident.

Officers are still investigating the boating accident to see if the man’s health played a factor, or if there were other factors that played a role.

The state’s boating law requires each vessel to have one life jacket present for each person that’s on the boat. The canoe involved in the accident didn’t have any life jackets on board. Also under state law, children under the age of 13-years-old are required to wear a life jacket at all times. Lastly, those who are operating a personal watercraft, regardless of how old they are, must wear a life jacket.

When the canoe came ashore it was still swamped with water. Officials say that they found a wine cooler and a beer nearby. Both of them were half empty.

There hasn’t been any word released yet as to whether or not alcohol played a role in the accident. Officials say that the autopsy will be conducted to figure that out.

The couple was in a boat from the Mountain Lake Inn. Hotel guests are permitted to use the kayaks and the boats from the Inn, but are warned to do so at their own risk. There was also a sign near the boats that stated that boat users had to make sure that there were enough life jackets on the boat to account for each passenger.

Other drowning accidents, victims not wearing life jackets, in Western North Carolina in 2012:

-April 7th: Fontana Lake, 56-years-old.

-March 19th: Lake Hiwassee, 55-years-old.

Every year, there are about 20 fatal boating accidents across the state. Most of these fatalities are the result of drowning accidents.

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