Fireworks Posing Serious Risks for Injury and Greensboro and Elsewhere Over Fourth

Celebrators beware! In 2010, there were about 9,000 firework-related injuries that sent Americans to the emergency room, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

About 6,000 of these hospital visits happened during the 30 days that surround the Fourth of July. This year is expected to be no different. You’re at high risks for a firework-related injury in Greensboro and elsewhere if you’re not careful.
“Consumers need to heed our warning: fireworks related incidents, especially those involving illegal fireworks, can be fatal,” said Inez Tenenbaum CPSC Chairman.

Our Greensboro personal injury attorneys understand that many residents and visitors to the area are planning on heading out for this year’s Fourth and lighting off some fireworks. We’re not saying don’t do that, we’re just asking that you do so carefully and responsibly. Remember, that fireworks can be extremely dangerous and they can cause some serious injuries if you don’t take the proper safety precautions. They can also be illegal. Your best bet is to leave them to the professionals and to obey the following safety tips when around fireworks over the Fourth of July holiday:

Firework Safety Tips from the National Council on Firework Safety:

-Make sure that you only use fireworks outdoors.

-Abide by all local firework laws. If they’re illegal, don’t use them.

-Always keep water nearby. You should always keep a hose or a bucket close by.

-Never alter fireworks or combine them with others. Use them only as they’re intended.

-If you’re firework doesn’t work, toss it into a bucket of water and let it soak for 20 minutes and then throw it out. You never want to relight a dud.

-Remember that common sense is key.

-Keep those who are watching fireworks at a safe distance away from the person who is lighting them off.

-Whoever is lighting the fireworks should always wear safety glasses.

-Never drink and play with fireworks. Make sure the person lighting them is completely sober.

-Never allow anyone under the age of 12-years-old to handle fireworks, not even sparklers.

-You should never use any form of illegal explosives or homemade fireworks.

-If you spot anyone in danger or mishandling fireworks, report them to authorities.

-Never point or throw a firework at another person.

-Never put any body part over a firework device when lighting it. Sometimes they can go off immediately.

-Only light off fireworks one at a time.

-Don’t put fireworks in your pocket.

-Don’t set off fireworks out of metal or glass containers.

-Once a firework has finished burning, soak the spent device with an ample amount of water from a bucket or hose before tossing it out. This will help to prevent trash fires.

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