Head Injuries: A More Serious Accident Risk than Once Believed

Halle Berry recently suffered a minor head injury after an accident on the film set for “The Hive.” Following the accident, the 45-year-old actress was transported to a Los Angeles hospital as a precautionary measure. Meredith O’Sullivan, the actress’ publicist, says that she will soon be back on set and working to complete the film.
“The Hive” has been described as a thriller co-starring Abigail Breslin and David Otung, according to the Charlotte Observer.

You may not be aware of the severity of these kinds of accidents, but severe head injuries, or traumatic brain injuries (TBI), are a serious public health problem in the U.S. Every year, these kinds of injuries contribute to a significant number of deaths and even permanent and debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, not many victims recognize the severity of these kinds of accidents because the damage cannot always be seen with the human eye, like a bruise, a cut or a broken bone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are about 1.7 million people who suffer from one of these injuries each year. Head injuries, concussions and TBIs are oftentimes much more serious than the victim may think. It’s important to get examined by a medical professional in the event of one of these accidents. These kinds of injuries are oftentimes sustained during fall and auto accidents.

A TBI can be caused by what you might find to be the most minor injuries, like a bump, a blow or a jolt to the head. Any of these movements can disrupt normal brain function and cause some serious injuries. As a matter of fact, TBIs account for more than 30 percent of all injury-related fatalities in the U.S. Concussions can cause some serious TBIs, too. As a matter of fact, about 75 percent of TBIs that are sustained every year are the result of a concussion.

Who is most affected by these accidents?

-Children under the age of 4-years-old, individuals between the ages of 14- and 20-years-old and adults over the age of 65-years-old are among the groups that are most likely to sustain one of these injuries.

-Nearly 500,000 visits to the emergency room each year are the result of a TBI. Most of these visits are of children under the age of 15-years-old.

-Individuals who are older that 74-years-old have the highest rates of TBI-related hospitalization and death.

-Boys are more likely than girls, in all age groups, to suffer from a TBI.

-The specific group of males under the age of 5 have the highest rates of emergency room visits, stays in the hospital and fatalities resulting from TBIs
The number one cause of TBIs are falls, accounting for more than 35 percent. The second most common cause of TBIs are motor vehicle accidents, accounting for more than 17 percent.

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