New Motorcycle Law Helping to Save Riders’ Lives

There’s a new addition to the Columbus Police Department. It’s a new motorcycle and it’s helping to help to educate riders and to raise awareness in all motorists of their presence on our roadways, according to Blue Ridge Now.

Police Chief Chris Beddingfield says that his department has always been active members in the Governor’s Highway Safety Program and enjoy being safe driving advocates for all types of motorists. The Department also participated in the state’s Bike Safe program.
“North Carolina’s Bike Safe program promotes accident prevention training and pairs motorcycle officers with civilians,” said Beddingfield.

Our Columbus motorcycle accident attorneys understand that motorcyclists face serious risks for fatal accidents on our roadways. These motorists may have some of the most advanced skills on two-wheels, but without defensive driving habits they can find themselves in some serious trouble. Through the Bike Safe program, local police departments get to offer Rider Skills Days to motorcyclists in the area to help them to brush up on these skills. These courses allow officers to team up with riders to get a hands-on assessment on their current motorcycle skills along with advice on how to be an even safer driver.

Chief Beddingfield says that the program kicked off back in 2005 after the department noticed a significant spike in the number of motorcycle crashes in the area. He adds that there are only a few departments in the state that offer this program, be he hopes to take it national one day.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program offers police departments “points” when they participate in safe driving programs. Departments can then turn in these points for money to help to fund new equipment. In 2011, the Columbus Police Department was able to cash in their points to get the new motorcycle. Without the point system, none of this would have been possible.

Beddingfield says that the motorcycle program has been quite effective. He says that residents have stopped him in the area to talk about the bike and to talk about the risks associated with motorcycling. He said it has made more of a contribution than he would ever have thought.

Both the Bike Safe program and the new motorcycle has helped to create closer ties between police agencies across the state. Both Asheville and Hendersonville offer the Bike Safe program. Sometimes these departments even team up and share their equipment and resources for even bigger programs.

The Columbus Police Department will be holding a Bike Safe Program on the 10th of August and again on the 21st of September. Anyone can participate. All you have to have is your own motorcycle and your own motorcycle license.

This program is important and helpful in the state because in order to get a motorcycle license in North Carolina, you have to only pass a written test. Unfortunately, they don’t need to ever have ridden a motorcycle to get one.

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