North Carolina Traffic Safety – The New Car Safety Features Keep Coming

More and more consumers are saying that they want better safety features in their vehicles. Many of the most popular safety features include pedestrian alerts, blind-spot warning systems and backup cameras, according to a new survey that was released by Harris Interactive.

Historically, many drivers have worried about the reliability of these devices, while others worried that they would only serve as more distractions for drives.
But manufacturers have made it clear that such safety features are here to stay — frequently after prodding from federal safety advocates. According to USA Today, most people no longer have to make the tough pick between safety features and economical cars — all cars are becoming safer and safer by the year. Now, drivers don’t have to sacrifice fuel efficiency for a safe car. Drivers can have both an economical and safe ride.

Of course, smaller cars are still going to have some safety concerns in the event of a serious accident — it’s still incumbent upon the consumer to check a vehicle’s safety rating when considering a purchase.

Our Asheville car accident lawyers understand that the simplicity of these devices is also what is driving the interest in them. As these technologies advance, they’re becoming more user-friendly. And some of the auto safety advances that we’ve seen over the last 10 years — technologies such as side-curtain air bags, antilock brakes and electronic stability systems — are now required by law.

And new-age technology, like backup cameras and blind-spot warning systems are now being used by drivers in increasing numbers. And with each use of these devices, our roadways are getting safer and safer.

According to Harris, these features are even beating out the lure of in-car entertainment technologies like voice-activated infotainment, satellite radio and various communication features. That may not be much of a surprise to many as a recent study from J.D. Power and Associates shows that drivers are getting awfully frustrated with the operation and reliability of these in-car entertainment systems.

Still, there is no technology to replace a safe and alert driver. According to the Harris survey, new-car purchasers say that they’ve engaged in nearly 40 distracted driving habits within the last month. Many of these distractions include phone calls, drinking beverages at the wheel, reading text messages and even sending e-mails. Men were noted to engage in distractions more than women, as did the younger drivers over the older drivers. With new technologies helping to reduce the risks of accidents and also helping to keep driver attention on the road, safe diving experts are working on significantly reducing the number of accidents year by year.

Interesting Findings Regarding New Safety Features in Vehicles:

-Drivers would rather just dock their phone with an in-car entertainment system than use it with integrated in-car features.

-Those who have integrated their apps prefer to use Google Maps and Search over Twitter, Facebook or Pandora.

-Most smartphones come equipped with GPS and navigation programs, but most drivers would still prefer to use an in-car system.

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