Two Injured Helping Woman in Broken Down Vehicle on Smoky Highway

Three people are injured after they were plowed into by another vehicle on the freeway.

No. They weren’t in the vehicle when the accident happened. According to the Asheville Police Department, two men were helping a female driver push her disabled vehicle to the side of the road. The accident happened on Smoky Highway. The woman was steering the vehicle as the two Carolina men pushed it to the side of the road around 1:00 p.m. According to WYFF 4, one of the men lost his legs in the accident.

The female driver and the other pusher were taken to Mission Hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The driver who slammed into the disabled vehicle was cited for neglecting to reduce his speed.
Our Asheville personal injury attorneys understand that breakdowns happen. At virtually any moment in time, something can go wrong with our vehicles. It’s important to know how to safely handle these situations to help to reduce your risks for a potentially life-threatening accident. Luckily, we’re here to offer you some tips to do just that.

Breakdown Safety Tips:

-If your car breaks down and you find yourself on the side of a busy highway, do not get out of your car. Stay inside your vehicle or quickly move yourself to a safer location.

-Make sure the doors are locked and the windows are rolled up. If anyone approaches your vehicle, roll the window down a little bit, but don`t open the door.

-Try to stop your car as far away from passing traffic as you can.

-Stay inside and buckle up. Call for help on a cell phone. Standing outside can be dangerous.

-Activate your blinking hazard lights.

-Keep an eye out for landmarks or any nearby businesses near the freeway. This can help you to identify your location when calling for help.

-If you have a roadside emergency kit, quickly set up road flares or reflective triangles and get back into your vehicle. These devices help to warn oncoming drivers about your stopped vehicle.

-If you’re stuck because of a flat or a blown out tire, move your car to a safe location before you try to fix it. Even if you destroy your wheel on the way there, it’s much less costly and devastating than jeopardizing your safety in the process of changing it.

-Consider keeping the number for your emergency breakdown provider nearby for these kinds of situations.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 15 percent of the pedestrians who are killed in traffic accidents every year are killed on freeways. This number doesn’t even include the number of people who were killed after they were stranded because of a broken down vehicle. Transportation experts estimate that more than 700 pedestrians are killed on our nation’s freeways every year.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in pedestrian accident in Asheville or anywhere in the Carolinas, contact the injury attorneys here at the Lee Law Offices, P.A. We offer free and confidential consultations to victims and their families. Call 1-800-887-1965 to set up an appointment today.

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