NC Road Construction Watch: Bridge Replacement Closing Gary Road until 2013

As our Gary car accident lawyers recently reported, the summer seasons means that there’s a lot of road work. Drivers are asked to be safe, alert and cautious when driving through road construction areas — not only to help to protect themselves, but to help to protect roadside workers and other motorists as well.

In just 2010, there were about 600 people killed in traffic accidents that happened in our nation’s work zones. During that same year, about 10 were killed in North Carolina work zones.
Transportation officials are announcing some more road construction projects, too. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), a near $3 million construction project recently started on Green Level Church Road (over White Oak Creek) in Gary. This project is working to help to replace the 60-year-old bridge on that road. The project means that roads between Green Level Church Road will be closed from Roberts Road to Green Level West Road until April of 2013.

We understand that this closure means that there are going to be some detours. Drivers and other travelers who are heading south on Green Level Church Road will have to take a right on Green Level West Road, a left on Wimberly Road and another left on Jenks Road to make their way around the construction and to get back to Green Level church Road.

Drivers who are heading north on Green Level Road will be detouring that same route, just the opposite way.

The bridge that is being replaced is pretty much functionally obsolete. It was originally built to size and other standards that are no longer current. It just can’t handle the demands of our North Carolina traffic, specifically in Wake County. Construction crews are out there working to make our streets safer for us. Let’s help to keep them safe on the job and be careful and cautious when traveling around them.

Officials with the NCDOT are reminding motorists to keep an eye out for construction and detour information, stay alert and to make sure you’re obeying the newly-posted speed limit signs. Lookout for flaggers, too. They’re along our state’s work zones to help to assist rerouted traffic and to make travel smoother.

When driving through work zones and when taking detours, drivers are asked to keep their eyes on their surroundings. This includes keeping a lookout for changes in lanes, for other vehicles, for flaggers, for work equipment and for work vehicles. You should drive with your headlights on when passing through these areas, too. It will help motorists and roadside workers to see your car more easily.

If you need information about traffic and road conditions, you can call 511 or visit the NCDOT’s travel information website. You can even visit NCDOT Mobile, which is a phone-friendly version of the Department’s website.

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