Out-of-Gas Car Starts Three-Car Accident in Franklin County

In a recent three-car accident, one man was killed and five others were injured.

According to WRAL.com, the accident happened in Franklin County on U.S. 64 just before 4:00 a.m. when a vehicle ran out of gas and glided onto the side of the road near the Highway 36 intersection near Zebulon.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the car was not pulled entirely off the road. A man driving a passenger truck attempted to drive past the out-of-gas vehicle and slammed into it. Upon impact, the out-of-gas car was thrown farther off the right side of the road while the passenger truck was sent flying across both westbound lanes of the highway. At this time, a third vehicle slammed into the mess, drove into the median and then into a cable barrier. The out-of-gas car went in flames. The driver of that vehicle was killed. Three men involved in the accident were transported to a local hospital and two women were treated at the scene.
Officers don’t know if the out-of-gas vehicle had its flashing hazard lights on, but they can confirm that the headlights were not on. They add that they don’t believe any of the vehicles had their headlights on when the third vehicle came upon the crash. Factors of this accident are still be investigated and charges are pending.

Our Charlotte car accident attorneys understand that it happens to nearly everyone — running out of gas — at one time or another. Sometimes you just forget to fill up until it’s too late. When you run out of gas, you’re putting the safety of all drivers and passengers in jeopardy. When the engine dies, most times so do the brakes and the power steering. Drivers can even end up stopped in the middle of the road.

When you run your gas tank really low, you’re running the risks of pulling into the engine the sediment buildup on the bottom of your vehicle’s gas tank. This buildup can clog the fuel pump pickup, the fuel filter or even the fuel injectors.

“We realize some motorists are trying to be resourceful and delay fuel expenditures by driving their car until the gas tank is nearly empty, but this can sometimes do more harm than good,” said John Nielsen with AAA.

If you notice that your car is running out of gas, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you can get your car off the roadway. Once you make it to the side of the street, be sure to put on your hazard lights. Stay in your car once you’re on the side of the road. Call for roadside assistance. Just make sure that you and your passengers stay away from passing traffic and out of harm’s way.

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