Pregnant Mother Lost in North Carolina Car Accident, Baby Survives

It’s a heartbreaking story. In a recent North Carolina car accident, a 22-year-old mother-to-be was killed. She was being driven to the hospital by her husband as she was about to go into labor.
The young mother-to-be was not properly restrained when the accident occurred, Mail Online reported. When driving to the hospital, there was a thunderstorm. The husband lost control of the vehicle, hydroplaned and slammed into a tree. J.R. Zachary with the North Carolina Highway Patrol confirms that the mom-to-be was not wearing her seat belt when the accident happened. When emergency response teams arrived on scene, the pregnant passenger was unconscious. She was taken to Regional Medical Center where doctors were able to deliver her baby boy. Unfortunately, mom died as a result of her injuries.

Our Greenville accident attorneys understand that many pregnant women ponder seat-belt usage during pregnancy. The truth of the matter is that proper seat belt usage is the best way to protect yourself in the event of an accident. However, there can be medical issues involved and consulting your doctor is always best. To avoid any unnecessary injuries, you’re going to want to make sure that the belt fits properly and that it’s secure.

There are close to 170,000 car crashes involving pregnant women every year.

Tips for Pregnancy and Seat Belt Use:

-Make sure that the lap portion of the seat belt is below the belly. Fit it low and snug on your hit bones.

-You never want to wear the seat belt across, above or on the belly.

-In the event of an accident, the sudden jolt from a belt in the wrong position could cause the placenta to tear away from the uterus.

-If it’s cold out, try to warm up the car before getting in. This will allow you to take off your winter coats and your sweaters before you buckle up. With these articles removed, you can better assure a proper fit of your seat belt.

-You always want to use to shoulder part of the belt, too. Make sure that this part fits snugly between your breasts. It should never cut across your neck.

-Never put the shoulder part of the belt underneath your arm or behind your back.

-Make sure that airbags are always activated. These devices help to provide you and your unborn child with extra protection. However, they should never be used in place of a seat belt.

-If you’re the one driving, make sure you sit as far back from the steering wheel as possible.

-If you ever get into a car accident, even a fender bender, you should be visit with your doctor so that they can make sure that you and baby are okay.

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