CPSC Recall List & Your Child’s Risk of a Defective Product Injury

The Mother’s Touch/Deluxe Baby Bathers have recently been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall is only voluntary, but we urge parents to take this very seriously. You’re urged to stop using recalled products immediately. Further use can potentially result in serious injury to you or to your child. We remind you that it’s also illegal for anyone to try to resell a consumer product that has been recalled.
There are about 2 million Mother’s Touch/Deluxe Baby Bathers in the U.S. that have been recalled and another 100,000 are being recalled in Canada. They’re made by Summer Infant Inc., of Woonsocket, R.I. What happens is that when the bather is lifted or is carried with an infant inside of it, the folding wire frame can snap loose from the side hinge. The baby could drop out of the bather when this happens. There have already been seven accident reports filed. Five of these incidents resulted in head injuries to children. Four of them were kids under the age of 2 who suffered from fractured skills and bleeding of the brain. If you have one of these bathers, you’re urged to contact the company at (800) 426-8627 for a free repair kit.

Our Charlotte defective products attorneys urge parents to check the federal recall list regularly. It’s important that parents stay up to date regarding these recalls. Our kids can’t do it themselves. Make sure that you check this recall list frequently to help to keep your family safe.

Another recall that’s affecting families across the country is the recall of Blind Xpress’ custom-made blinds. There have been close to 500,000 of these blind recalled. The recall is the result in which a 2-year-old toddler was strangled in the loop of the blind cord. The cord wasn’t attached to the wall when the accident happened.

Blind Xpress makes custom vertical and horizontal blinds that have an adjustment cord on them. It forms a loop, but is dangerous when it’s not connected to the floor or to a wall. This device has a weight on the bottom of it. These blinds and their cords don’t have a device that is able to stop the inner cords from being accessed. Because of this, children can easily get tangled up in the cord and be strangled.

The blinds were sold at specialty stores from January of 1995 through December of last year. They were all manufactured in the U.S.

Remember, children are some of the most vulnerable to injuries from defective products. Not only are our young ones unable to check out the latest recall list themselves, but they’re also not able to recognize many of the more common risks. Help to keep your kids safe and stay in the know about dangerous and defective product recalls.

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