Carolina Dog Bite Accidents Worrying Parents

A 10-month-old boy was killed recently after he was attacked by the family’s dog.

The recent accident happened just after 6:00 p.m. According to,at the child’s grandparents’ house in Hertford on West Railroad Avenue. Accident reports indicate that the child’s grandma was watching him play on the bed when the attack occurred. Without warning, the dog leaped in and suddenly attacked. The family’s dog was mixed breed and was named “Copper.” The grandmother attempted to restrain the dog and keep it from the young child, but she was unsuccessful.
Our Asheville dog bite lawyers are hesitant to continue on with the accident report as it gets pretty brutal. According to officers, the room was covered in blood. The grandmother said that she was in such shock that she could barely grasp what was going on. The family carried the young child to the front porch of the home where they tried to bandage up the wounds.

Two years prior, the family found Copper wandering the streets and decided that they were going to adopt him. The family reports that the dog attacked one time before, but was always gentle with the baby and with the rest of the family. No one is sure what made the dog attack this time around.

“If you have children and you have animals, make sure you totally understand the relationship you have with your animals and your pets,” said the family. The dog is going to be put down. According to local animal experts, the dog was an American Bulldog/Labrador mix.

This isn’t the only recent dog attack incident. A family in Rock Hill is trying to make sure that a dog that attacked their 10-year-old doesn’t do it to anyone else. This incident happened at the child’s friend’s house on Silverstream Drive. When the family’s front door opened, the dog ran out, jumped on him and started biting, according to

The young boy had to have seven stitches in his cheek. He also suffered from a number of scratches and a bloody nose. The father of the child isn’t happy because Animal Control has yet to seize the dog. Steve Stuber with local Animal Control says that they can’t seize the dog because of where the accident took place.

“If this happens on the dog’s property, it’s considered a provoked attack,” said Stuber.

For the dog to be seized, officers are going to have to prove that the pup is in fact aggressive and dangerous. Stuber says that isn’t likely in this case.

These are tragic cases. Oftentimes it’s a family pet or a pet of a close friend or a neighbor that ends up hurting a child or other family member. An experienced dog bite injury attorney can work in as amicable a manner as possible to file a claim against a homeowner’s insurance. But claims should always be made, even when an injury seems minor. Children may have a particularly difficult time getting over dog bite incidents emotionally, and infection, scaring and other issues can result in medical complications.

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