Carolina Injury Lawyers Urge Caution this Halloween

All Hallow’s Eve is the most dangerous night of the year for pedestrian accidents in the country. This is especially relevant for our young ghosts and goblins.

As parents, our Charlotte child injury attorneys are urging parents and guardians to step up and to help to ensure the safety of our young ones this Halloween. CBS Charlotte is here to offer some simple safety tips that all adults should take to help to make sure that this year’s holiday is a safe one.
Keeping Candy Safe:

-Before allowing your child to chow down on and of their Halloween treats, you want to make sure that you look them over first. Make sure you toss out any candy that is open or appears to have been tampered with.

-Feed your child dinner before heading out to trick-or-treat. On a full stomach, they’re less likely to start chomping on candy that hasn’t been inspected yet.

-Toss out any candy with wrappers that are discolored or faded.

-Don’t accept any home-made treats.

-Pay attention to any foods that your kids may have allergies to.

Staying Safe on Our Streets:

-Remember that Halloween is the most dangerous night of the year for pedestrian accidents.

-Make sure that children are wearing brightly-colored clothing so that motorists can see them easily. It’s also a good idea to make sure they each have a flashlight or that they have reflective materials on their costume.

-Put them in a comfy pair of shoes. It’s sure to be a long night of walking. Make sure they’re in their most comfortable sneakers to ensure a safe journey.

-It’s best to pass on the masks and to use face paint instead. Masks can cut off a child’s visibility to their surroundings. When traveling near vehicular traffic, you want to make sure that your little gremlin can see everything.

-Never trick-or-treat alone.

-Teach your child to stay away from dogs and other animal that they do not know.

-Never walk out from behind parked cars.

-Make sure that kids know to only cross at crosswalks and at street corners. Avoid jaywalking during this time.

-Drivers are asked to drive slowly and cautiously when driving through residential areas on Halloween. Kids don’t always understand the workings of traffic and face some serious risks for accidents. Stay one step ahead of them and help to keep them safe.

-Urge kids to never run across yards. Decorations can serve as trip and fall hazards. Only walk — not run — along sidewalks and driveways.

-If your child has any loose ends on their costume, tie them up. Not only do these serve as trip and fall hazards, but they can easily catch fire on jack-o-lanterns, too.

-Residents are also urged to use fake candles or glow sticks when lighting up jack-o-lanterns. If you feel the need to use a real candle, never leave it unsupervised.

With cooperation from everyone in the community, we can work to make sure that this is one of the safest Halloween’s yet.

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