Carolina Injury Lawyers Urge Caution for Hurricane Sandy

There are whipping winds, pelting rain and even mass evacuations. The truth of the matter is that Hurricane Sandy is serious business. And it’s only expected to get worse. While we don’t typically worry about hurricanes like our friends in the south, when we get them, it can create a life-threatening emergency.
It’s important for residents to bunker down before, during and after the storm. There are hazards that accompany storms. The bulk of the storm may have passed, but our Asheville personal injury lawyers are here to help to keep you safe.

CNN iReporter, Elizabeth Switzer, reported that there were waves more than 23 feet along Carolina Beach just outside of Wilmington.

“We’re seeing more flooding than you normally do, and particularly since the storm’s not here,” Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware.

Before Sandy even hit the U.S. it took the lives of more than 65 people.

When it hit the Carolinas, restaurants, stores and even homes shut down and boarded up. Sandy brought about 75 miles per hour winds.

Nags Head saw severe flooding. There were three counties along the Outer Banks that near the beach. Companies throughout the area reported a number of power outages.

Ocracoke Island is currently experiencing extreme sound side flooding, N.C. 12 is flooded with up 24 inches of water in the village and at least 2 inches of moving water on the highway north of the village, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services offers you these “After the Storm: Injury Prevention” Tips:

-Follow the orders of emergency personnel.

-Wear life jackets when the waters are rising. Make sure they fit the size of the person wearing it.

-Keep an eye out for fallen and dangling power lines. Don’t even get near them.

-Never leave your children unsupervised.

-Make sure you’re wearing sturdy shoes and protective clothing at all times.

-Keep a lookout for snakes.

-Check for structural damage before reentering your home. You should turn off your outside gas lines and make sure your generator is properly grounded. Tuck away all lose cords to prevent trip and fall accidents.

-Be ready for bites. Mosquitoes, bees and caterpillars are out after these kinds of storms. Make sure you wear the proper repellant and be sure to cover your skin.

-Make sure that your eyes are always protected. You should be wearing eye protection when working outside and working to clean up the debris.

-Be careful of animals on the loose. The number of animal bites has increase following past storms.

-Be careful of the exhaust from gas-powered generators and keep an eye on the carbon monoxide levels.

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